"ON RECORD, $1 (USD) IN NAIRA is N415"

This means to every 1 USD earned by a Nigerian what he or she gets is N415. 

According To Data from Zip Recruiter, Remote IT Support Technician Salary ranges from $3,125 to $7,791 per month.

It’s clear that there are different remote jobs available to Nigerians living outside the United states and some of them are Software Engineering, Data Entry, Technical supports etc.

However, I will focus on Technical support because all that is required to do it is just the Technical skill to help specific product customers remotely.

If for some reasons a person works remotely from Nigeria and earn the least amount, his or her monthly earning is expected to be $3,125 USD.

Multiply that by 415, that’s One Million Two Hundred and Ninety Six thousand plus per Month and that’s actually more than the salary of a bank manager.

Why am I writing this? 

It’s simple, everyone knows there is scarcity of good Jobs in the country so instead of sitting idle or managing a job with low pay why not try searching for a remote job you can do to subsidize expenses?

Myself and my friends do share this kind of info with each other once in a while but until now, we only share them with our inner circle members.

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When you do, I will add you to our Remote Job Newsletter List and send you a 50 minutes video interview I did with one of my friends that is currently working remotely as an Expert for one of the Top brands. 

In it he shares what you need to know to be ready for such opportunity.

Kindly note that our information are time sensitive and they are based on first come first serve and this may expire anytime from now.

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