If I Have $50 With A Phone And Internet Connection… And I Need To Multiply It Into  $5,000 or more…  This Is Exactly What I Would Do To Make It Happen…”

This simple income strategy is the same we used in turning $36 into $12,000 in less than 60 days without marketing or doing hard work of any kind...
And in turning $25 into $699.013 in less than 72 hours without any gambling, marketing or FOREX trading of any kind...

I understand that your time is valuable so I’ll get straight to the point, there is a major financial crisis preparing to hit everyone very soon!

To begin with...

It's No Longer News That Government is Seriously Considering Cutting Salaries...

 …this will automatically affect everyone, money will be scarce and everywhere will dry. 

People won’t be able to afford many things including paying their rents, children school fees, have enough for food (isn’t this already happening? Of course it is)…

There will be scarcity of “HELP” even among family and friends.

So, if you think you have a relative to run to, they will definitely have their own problems to deal with. This is definitely a bad news for everyone especially for pensioners. 

...And It Will Become WORSE Now That The Governors Have Agreed That Fuel Price Be Doubled!

With this… automatically, cost of living will RISE.

Food will become expensive.

Cost of transportation will be higher.

Electricity bill will become more like extortion (crazily unaffordable).

With all of these uncertainties where Poverty, Inflation and Scarcity to worsen in the coming months and years…

...My Question For You Is What is Your Survival Plan?

How do you plan to keep your expense running? 

How do you plan to take care of your family and everyone who depend on you? 

You might think “oh, I’m not a salary earner, this will not affect me”

So, you don’t use Gas to cook?

You don’t buy fuel to your car or generator?

You don’t pay transportation?

You don’t buy food stuffs?

These are basic things that fuel increment will naturally affect.

And it concerns everyone including my uncle in the village!

If Government is claiming they don’t have enough money to pay salaries and to keep subsidizing fuel… 

…how then will they have money to put into the economy through loan, grant, debt and equity (Because this is how money circulate through banks)?

How do you supposed money would go round so your customers are able to pay you what your service is worth?

How do you make enough money?

How do you plan to survive the coming financial crisis?

Besides the fact that the Government is even trying to cut salaries and double the fuel price, another problem is that the local currency value is becoming weaker more and more every single day that keeping money in the bank is no longer a good idea anymore..

The implication of this is that you cannot just keep money in the bank indefinitely because the weaker the Naira the less valuable it becomes.

500,000 becomes 300,000 and 1 million becomes 650,000 and that’s because the things you will normally need 300,000 to buy will now require you to use 500k and the things you need 650,000 to buy will now require you to have 1 million respectively.

The saddest part of this is that the people with little money such as 300k, 200k, 100k, 50k, 20k or less are the ones who will suffer the most…

Because no matter how hard they try to provide for their homes the money will be just not enough and worse still their siblings and friends that are doing better than them will have less regards for them than they are supposed to because it will begin to look as though they are just lazy, incompetent and at some points…

…many of them may even go homeless; no house, no car and their cloths will become faded because their money will no longer be enough to get many good things even to eat will become hard.

Life will be very difficult and almost unbearable.

With all these, don’t you now see that you need a reliable new income plan that hardly depend on Government policies, if not for now, but for the foreseeable future?

"If you truly think this is worth giving a thought and you desperately needed a new income plan, and you can give me 10 minutes of your time, I have a way out for you"

But first, who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Seyi Davis and I used to be a broke private school teacher…

And because of the inhuman treatment given to us by our director… I resigned and started Taxi Driving business with my small car…

Just like you I have also spent years looking for a better income Source until I was able to finally discover this new discovery that I have been using to turn little money into more money lately.

Now, this is not about My Taxi Driving business because…

I soon discovered I couldn’t continue my life like that, I definitely can’t grow old as a Taxi Driver…

The question was…

With this job… How do I own a home, go on vacation, build a new business, how do I keep my cashflow going when I retire(stop working)… How do I take care of my parents… My children, how do I consistently speak my wife’s love language (Money!)…💰 It’s funny… laugh if you want to…

But you see… I was confused, and at a point of turnaround, I took a deep breath and then I told myself, I need a Plan B – A survival plan.

I needed something I can get going with my Taxi business but has potential of multiplying my money in a long or short period of time… when it works.

Read that again… I said… “when it works” NOT if it works.

I wasn’t gambling. I was crystal clear what I wanted.

I needed something that has real potential that I can invest little money into and make millions from it in a few weeks, months or years.

Because of my tiny budget, real estate wasn’t an option for me because it requires huge capital…

Bank shares was not even on my list because then… It may work and it may never work…

…and at the same time I do not have the time to wait for as long as it will take real estate and shares to mature. 

To cut the long story short, I discovered a very easy to implement Plan B and in less than 72 hours it started giving me great returns.

More than 900% of my inputs…

I was wowed!!!

And that’s what I have been using to supplement my expenses for some times now.

Now, one thing I have realized in all of these years is that all it takes to escape a future financial crisis is to figure out how to turn small money into big within a long or short period of time without burning much time and energy into the process.

I mean saving money in the bank Is simply NOT enough and it is not a wise decision! This is because the value drops overtime. 

The prices of goods would go up and the value of the money mostly reduces through bank charges, other invincible charges and the currency valuation against USD.

What you need is a new income plan that can increase the value of your little money overtime without you doing anything. Period!   

And I might just be the person who saves you from the Nationwide financial mess that is happening and the ones on the way because…


⇒ This same system I'm about to reveal to you is what I and many of inner circle friends have used to make over 5,000,000 in the last 60 days with little investment and no hard-work at all.

⇒ I shared this same system with a brother from my church and he made a little over 1300% profit in less than 6 weeks.

Below is the PROOF of his earnings

Wow, right?

This new discovery may shock you because it is not something new…

It has been around for at least one decade but no one really took it very seriously until lately.

By now I know you must have heard one bad thing and one good thing about crypto currency.

And I’m about to burst your bubble because…

We are making our money from Crypto such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, TronCoin, Ethereum etc.

Irrespective of what you’ve heard about Crypto, what you have heard people say about it or what the government has done about it…

The truth is, the future of financial security is Cryptocurrency.

You will know this when you see established companies trusting their billions into Crypto currency…

What we are doing here is 100% legit and reliable.

  • This is not gambling.
  • This is not trading.
  • This is not a game of win or lose like FOREX.
  • There is no referrer involved.
  • This is not multilevel marketing.
  • And this is definitely not Forex trading.

“If you are willing to learn more about crypto with the intention of trying it out with as little as $10, $20, $50, $100 etc… and able to multiply your inputs in a very short time, this great revelation is for you”

All you have to do is follow my advice, put little money where I show you, and then wait.

It’s as simple as ABC…

Let me explain to you how it really works…

How Crypto Currency Really Works

Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. The currency unit is called Coin or Token.

Cryptocurrencies work using a technology called blockchain.

Blockchain is a decentralized technology spread across many computers that manages and records transactions and the security of the technology is impenetrable, as such, all the money in it are 100% secure.

People make money from Crypto through a patient Trading and Investment Technique that pays off either on a short or long run.

These are the…

5 Ways You Can Make Money In Crypto


An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for FREE to plenty of Crypto Accounts by the owner of the Crypto currency. 

The real question is… Why do they give this money for free?


When new Token is about to get into the market and they needed users, as such, they use Airdrop as a way of gaining users so that others who didn’t get the Airdrop can trust them enough to buy their Coin or Token.

“See it as opening a zero account with a new bank and upon opening they gave you a little money into the account let’s say 500 or more.”

As such, Airdrops are primarily implemented as a way of gaining attention and new followers, resulting in a larger user-base and a wider disbursement of coins.

To get an Airdrop, all you must do is to know when new coin is about launching and get their free coins as early as you can possibly get them.

Many expensive coins today started as an Airdrop…

Binance BNB
Doge Coin
Ethereum etc… All started as an Airdrop!

Imagine getting 10 bitcoins for free as an airdrop? 

Today, 1 Bitcoin is valued at about $38,000 US Dollars which means if you got 10 Bitcoin for free when it was an Airdrop, by now you would be worth about $400,000.

The same with Binance coin which is now $300+ per coin.

The same with Ethereum which is now $2000+ per coin.

And the beauty of airdrop is that you can get them from as many Crypto currencies as you which without any restrictions.

But one thing is that, there are many fake airdrops also and if you do not know how to identify a real one, you would just be wasting time and resources you do not have.

Meanwhile, if you can learn to identify real Airdrop, you will be on your way to becoming the next Multimillionaire in Crypto.

With Airdrop, you do not need to invest any money in Crypto, all you need is information and I will tell you how to get it well in advance in a short while but first let’s talk about the second way you can make money in Crypto which is…


This is how trading works. What you do is simply predict the movement of the market. It exactly like Forex trading.

When Airdrop gets into the market, they trade it against other currencies, if you understand Forex, you can trade crypto.

I have a friend who makes most of his daily earnings from trading crypto assets.

The only thing is that, this method is not for newbie. You need special training and high level of accuracy and the chance of losing money while trading is very high and irreversible.

As a newbie I would not advise it.

But if you think this is what you want, find a mentor who trade and makes money and learn from him or her.

Another way you can make money from Crypto is through…


This is simple and I know a guy who did N896,000+ with this within 30 days sometimes last year.

This is how it works…

You buy Crypto with cheap from a reliable source and you immediately sell it back at the current rate.

Where you make your money is in the difference between the value of the dollar when you bought the crypto and the value when you sell.

The value when you bought is determine by your bank and government while the sell value is the black-market fixed price.

If your bank rate is lower than the black-market price, you will make profit.

This rarely happen but when it does, people make plenty of money.

Its a loophole in the currency distribution by the banks.

But the issue now is that now, this is working but limited to some banks and the information do change from time to time.

If you are in the right circle, which I believe you would be soon enough, you can always know and take advantage of it.

It is usually 100% guaranteed as no lose is expected.

If you are interested in this instant profit system circle, I will tell you how to get in at the end of this email.


Stay away from this!

This is more like MMM, the only people that makes money with this are first set of people to register.

All other person under them donates to them.

But you who came last loses because you need to bring in more people to donate to you.

Don’t do it.

It will crash because it always does.

This can be done using any Crypto currency and the quicker you know you have to avoid it the better for you.

Example of this is The Million Money (You can google it),


Stay away from any kind of make money program that makes you money by someone donating to you.

There are many of them coming out daily, unfortunately I can’t recommend any now.

Nevertheless, if you still want to try it out, you can go ahead and find a new one yourself.

Having said that… this brings us to the last way of making money with Crypto which is the most reliable way by far and it’s…


This is the most reliable and credible way of making money with crypto.

Nobody who buys and hold Crypto loses money you only lose when you trade.

This is how it works.

Imagine having 1,000 Tokens / Coins of a particular Crypto and at the time of acquisition, the 1k Coin’s value against USD was $5.

Now, the value of the coin can with time drop from $5 to Maybe $0.00001 (worst case scenario) or increase to $600 or more.

But your coin value can never become zero unless the currency completely packs off which I’ve never heard happened.

In this case where the value has become low your coin is still intact but the dollar value is low.

Now, all you must do is wait for the value to rise and your money can be more than what it used to be.

See it like Naira/Dollar valuation.

Two years ago, 500 Naira was 1.28 USD

But now the value of 500 Naira has dropped to $0.96.

You bought 500 at 1.28 USD, now you still have your 500 only that if you sell it back to USD you will sell at a loss.

Your Naira is still intact and anytime the value goes back to normal you can convert it to USD if you want.

That’s how buying and holding crypto works.

Now, if you know what you are doing, and you know the right coin and right time to buy, you will never have to worry about its value becoming so low that you must wait months before you make profit with this system.

Let me give you a clue…

The best time to buy is now that all are in red and low.

You will buy cheap, very cheap, and because it will rise again in a few weeks or months, you wait for it to appreciate and you take some profit more than your investment and leave the rest for the future great harvest.

Note that this is only realistic when the price is low or when new Coins/Tokens are launching into the market.

But you will lose…

…if you sell in fear

…if what you are doing is trading against dollar

…if you do not know how to validate the authenticity of a new coin or a coin that is going down down the drill.

Sometimes… a coin may be fake that appears to be real as such they steal your money with it and there are ways to know for sure that a coin is fake so you won’t put a dim into it.

Now with this if you know what you are doing, you can go ahead and start buying but if you don’t know much about it or you want to know how to make better decisions wait and let me finish…

"...Because I'm About To Reveal To You One Great Revelation That Rich Crypto Investors Have Hided For A Very Long Time"

If you want a new income plan that works, making money with Crypto Airdrop and Buy and hold are still the best ways to do it Without ravaging in poverty due to financial crisis that will happen very soon.

Crypto currency will help you to both grow and preserve your money steadily so you can:  

Provide for your family in time of financial crisis

Donate to the charity you love

Grow your little money without the fear of lose or panic

Set your own work time and able to do things on your.

See, every old man knows that there is BIG money in real estate… 

…imagine buying a parcel of land for N11,500 Naira in 1984 at Lekki, how much do you think the land would be worth now?

You guess right… 100s of Millions if not billions.

That’s millions in ROI over the years.

Here is the truth…

Crypto is The New Real Estate… Expert Testifies to This…

And the good thing is, with crypto you don’t need to wait 50 years before you benefits, many of your benefits will come within the first few weeks or months of trying it out…

This is what you need to do…

You see, every day many Coin will come out but All you have to do is to learn to Identify the 1 or 2 of them that will blow high in few days or weeks or months…

Put any amount from $10 to $100 or more into it (any amount you can afford).

Wait for the magical move…

And take quick profit when it made profit.

For clarity look at the screenshot below:

That’s 1,720% increase in just one day.

That coin growth happened within 24 hours and we knew it would happen and we took advantage of it.

Ok, imagine that you bought $10 worth a day before, it would be $172 the following day…

Imagine you bought $100? It would be $1720 the following day…

Imagine you bought $1000??? Yea, just as I have guessed… Now you’re getting how profitable our system could be.

Mad profit! Unimaginable, you’d say.

Now it is too late to invest in the coin above now… 

Not knowing that is one of the reasons people lose money in Crypto.


We have strategies.

We have formulas.

We have guaranteed systems.

We have forums we drop HOT info that gives clear directions on what exactly to do.

All you need is to join us and let us make profit together.

It’s as simple as that.

No matter what, You can’t lose money!

If you really want to survive by tapping into the future of wealth distribution, you need to get on this immediately.

Right now, you might be wondering if making money in Crypto is this easy…

“Why Are Many People Currently ‘BLEEDING HARD‘ (Losing Money) In Crypto This Days?”

It’s simply because they are Clueless! They don’t know how it works and they went ahead and invest money any how.

That is the mistake they have all been making that has been decimating their hard-earned money.

They don’t have access to the right info that actually works. 

You can chose to be like them and have your money decimated too or You can join my team to discover the real secret behind making this work.

This Cash Multiplier Mentorship Program is designed for you never to lose money in Crypto.

Just as Real Estate is our father’s wealth distribution system, Crypto is simply our generation’s opportunity for massive Wealth.

I’m guessing… right now you might be thinking, is Crypto business even legal? Because…

If Crypto Is Legal, Why Did Government Ban It Then?

 Point of note: Nigeria government didn’t ban Cryptocurrency outright — CBN Governor already debunked this.

They are only looking for a way to regulate its transactions so they can keep local currency in the bank because sending local currency outside the country will have negative effect on the economy. 

Government is not stopping you from doing business in Crypto...

Even The Government Is Currently Planning To Own Their Digital Currency Like Crypto

Don’t let that shock you.

See, what I can tell you is this…

…you shouldn’t let rumor rub you of taking advantage of opportunity that is deigned to change your story forever. 

When you read a news headline, take your time to read the whole news before you conclude.

I created this Cash Multiplier Mentorship Program so as to save as many people as I could save from Ignorance that leads to financial crisis.

When you join this circle…

This Is What You Will Benefit From The Cash Multiplier Mentorship Program

⇒ #1: Video Guide On Everything you need to Succeed With This Crypto Program.

In the video you will learn:

– How to open a secure Crypto Account for free without any upfront deposit.

– Two steps to take while opening your account to permanently keep your Crypto Account safe from local theft. This is very important.

– Crypto Terminologies that lets you understand things easily.

– Understand three most important elements to look for in any Crypto platform to avoid scam.

– How to fund your Crypto account without the fear of lose.

– List of three mobile apps you must have in other to do the Crypto business successfully.

– Access to a secure website that lets you buy Crypto with your local currency without putting your account and money at risk.

– How to securely buy any Coin or Token on your own without relying on or paying a third party or their involvement.

⇒ #2: Video Guide: Everything About Identifying Real Airdrops.

If you want to make real money in Crypto with free Token or Coin Without investing any money, identifying Real Airdrops is the only way to do it without wasting time on fruitless efforts. 

Identifying real Airdrop will help you get clear understanding of how Airdrop operates so you can:  

– Know how to get Real Airdrop that can give you massive return without spending a dim.

– Get free token/coin that has the potential of becoming hundreds of – thousands of dollars in the future.

– Know where to look for sure Airdrops with little to no task to do to get it.

– Easy way to claim your Airdrop Token/Coin when it becomes mature without paying anything to a third party.

⇒ #3: Video Guide on Profitable Buy, Hold and Sell Decisions - This is where the BIG MONEY IS.

If you have $10, $50, $100 or more, and you want to make future plan for $3,000, $5,000 or more, this is what you should do; Buy Crypto, Hold it and Sell some or all of it when the time is right. 

This module will teach you how to make right decisions that will guarantee your profit.

In this module, you will learn:

– Easy way to identify profitable Crypto Tokens/Coins to buy and when to buy them so you won’t have to wait long before making profit from them.

– Access to 4 different portals you can go to check newly launched Tokens/Coins and how to determine which one to go with.

– How to spot a fraudulent Crypto Tokens/Coins quickly so you avoid them like plague.

– How to validate the authenticity of a new token or coin so you can make better decisions.

– List of three (3) secret Tokens / Coins you can invest $10, $20 or more into now that can guarantee at least 1500% increase in short while.

– Clear info on when to invest in an existing Crypto Token / Coin so you won’t be at a risk of waiting forever.

– How to use one coin to buy any other coin within your platform without first converting to local currency.

– How to easily take your profit and convert any of your crypto into cash in the bank by yourself from the comfort of your home.

"4: You'll Also Gain Instant Access To Our Inner Circle Group"

You will Also gain Instant Access to our Inner Circle Group where you get daily directives on what exactly you should do so you can make quick, smart and better decisions and not become clueless like people who lose money in Crypto.

In this Group you will get…

– Sure Airdrop updates : Access to platforms, link and what to do to claim it.

– Daily updates on New Tokens / Coins you can invest in and make maximum profit.

– Direction on how much of a Coin to buy and when to buy them.

– Notification on when to take profit and when to hold.

This more like me doing all the work for you where all you just do is follow my advise and reap the benefit of my hard work.


Pheww...That’s a Lot

You get EVERYTHING you need to make better Crypto decision so you can create new income plan for yourself and family to secure the future and never to lose any money.

"Here Are The RESULTS of A Few People In Our Inner Circle Group And What They Have To Say About This Program"

In less than 24hrs they already x5 their investments and also getting free real Tokens / Coins daily.
400.7% Profit in less than two weeks!
His 410M Coin now worth 5M Naira or $10,000 plus additional 300k profit...
Faith went from $9 to $100 in four weeks...
From $25 Coin Value to $225 In Two days despite the low trends.
He bought $36 Worth and now it's $12,000! This is HUGE!
55- Year-Old Woman Bought $30 and Within a Month Made $665. She Knew Nothing About Crypto Before Now!
From $1.23 to $35

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If you would like your own personal Access to my Cash Multiplier Mentorship Program… you may just be out of luck.

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This Supper BONUS Give you access to two portals that let you earn minimum 10% interest on your money. No trading. Just 10 minutes work and you’re done. 

This is not some sort of pyramid program.

Not scam, trust me. NO referrers needed. NOT MMM. NOT network marketing. NOT Forex trading. NOT any form of trading. Definitely NOT Ponzi!

And it’s NOT illegal. It’s very well legitimate stuff.

We are making our money from fiat(Naira, Dollar, Pounds, Yuan etc) currency exchange loophole peculiar some specific banks but the information do change from time to time that’s why we have a private WhatsApp group for it.

This is a real deal and no risk is involved no matter small.

With this, if you are smart you can even recover your training fee same day you purchased.

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Now is the best time for you to join.


Most frequent questions and answers

This is how to create future financial plan so you can avoid poverty, lack, inflation etc. and be able to provide for your home and work at your own pace.

We make our money from Crypto currency. Crypto is the new Real Estate. Our method ensures that you don’t lose money when you invest.

Just a smartphone (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone), Internet connection and a Token to try it out. Any amount from $10 upward. 

No special ID is required and no qualification is required.

Most of our students start making profit from the first week of using our method…

But to be realistic, Crypto investment is a future plan, only put money you can afford to live there for as long as you wish.

Like I said earlier, Government is not stopping you and I from doing Crypto business or trading. They only want the money to remain in the economy and we have figured out a legal way to make it work. 

Crypto is the future no matter who is working against it.


He made N7m (or $14,000) with just $50!
He made $5,000 with just $129 in 30 days!

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Here’s the real question:

Are you ready to take action, or are you still letting doubt stop you?

As you may already know, doubt is often self-sabotage at work. Are you going to control it, or let it control you?

The choice is yours.

Think about it.

Where will you be a year from now?

Will you still be in a situation where you have to worry about where the next money will come from? Or will you be relaxed knowing that you are financially secure that your little money is safe and growing fast in foreign currency?

Don’t pass up an opportunity of a life-time.

If you don’t want to have to borrow money from anyone ever again…

If you want to be able to make Good decisions with crypto investment

If you want to keep your money safe from losing value over time and create a better financial future that ultimately saves you from any kind of embarrassment lack of money can cause and the accompanying problems forever…

If you want to enjoy the better life that only money can give, and you want to enjoy it in full without affecting other plans…

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