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This is the program that teaches you everything you need to know to make right decisions on buying and holding Crypto Currency that can give you high return on your investment in a short and long long term.


This is the evergreen way to make instant profit from your money. We use exchange rate loophole to increase our money monthly. 

This is 100% guarantee to make you money from the very first day of joining this program. 

With this, many students makes their registration fee back on the first day of joining so it’s more like you are getting the training and mentorship for free. 

This alone should be sold for a 100k at least but you get it for free if you register today.


It’s no news that everyone want to travel either for Leisure, Education or for Relocation but two things do hold people back most of the time and they are Money and Visa denial for no reason! 

Smart Travel Route (STR) is an Accurate Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Travel Abroad to Study (BSc, MSc, PhD, Professional Courses) or Attend Relevant Conferences, Workshops, Fellowship Without Ever Spending a Kobo or Get Visa Rejection Ever”

This Is How To Position Yourself To Attract Fully Funded Opportunities That Lets You Travel Abroad for free Without Ever Spending Any Money On The Trip, And when you go, you can choose to stay by following the legal process required.


If you want money very fast and very quickly without working for anyone, CCB Shows you how to raise it in due time. Though this method requires little investment and work but in the end the return is always worth it.

The question is, how does it really work?

Take for instance, if you know ‘how to bake a cake’ or ‘How to satisfy a woman in bed’ or ‘How to process and package a UK Visa Without Stress or Paying Greedy Travel Agent’ or ‘How Pregnant Woman Can Have Their Babies in US So Their Child Becomes A US Citizen’ or ‘How To Do Anything You Know’… you now get the idea right?

Let me sight more examples…

Let’s say you know ‘How Anyone Can Get A Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Fast Within a Year or Less’ or ‘How A Rich Handsome Guy Can Get A Good Wife In Less Than 1 Year ’ or ‘How Any Woman Can Get A Man To Propose Marriage To Her’ or ‘How To Pass a Job Interview in One Shot’ or ‘How To Start And Run A Business Successfully’ or ‘Anything You Know Right Now’… Got it now?

COOL CASH BLUEPRINT will show you how to TRANSFORM your ideas into a Cash Flow that fills your bank account with money. Luckily, Everything you need to do this successfully is in this program. 

This alone should be sold for at least 50k but you get it for free if you Join Today.

5. YouTube Cashflow

This program shows you How to create YouTube content, and earn at least $100 daily income from it without ever showing your face if you don’t want to.

This YouTube CASH FLOW Program will be a game-changer for you because it will help you:

– Build influence
– Create new, consistent, stable income source for your home…
– And impact many lives through your videos.

This is the easiest internet business on earth!

You can earn up to $100 a day on YouTube. You don’t need a website. You won’t need many subscribers. You won’t even need to show your face. As a matter of fact, you can be a complete beginner and start earning a $100 a day.

This program should be sold separate but if you Join Today, you get it for free.

5. Access To Mentorship Group

This group is not just for questions and answer, it is for sharing ideas and latest updates that can make you more money in the Crypto world. 

When you join this group you will meet people like you who invested less than $100 and they already made $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and more in Crypto currency. 

They will share their Ideas with you and tell you what you must do first to achieve this kind of milestone. Without this group, no matter the video training you get, you will fail in crypto business because things change every now and then and we share them among ourselves as they do. 

Access to this group comes with this program for free and what you get here is invaluable.

6. (NEW BONUS) Access To Our Elite Crypto Trading Circle

Before now, the secret of trading Crypto Currency at almost 100% profit guarantee has been shielded by experts but in our Elite group we have unveiled it.

This is HUGE for us. This is where we teach you Crypto currency trading for free. 

We have a robot that does all the hard work.

It solves the math and takes profits for us on autopilot.

It’s an interesting stuff.

Today, I want to specially invite you to our new trading group where I will be personally revealing to you how members of this Elite Group have been making consistent daily profit with Crypto Robot Trading methods. 

Below are some of the Recent PROOF of our Earnings From the Bot Trading Strategy. 


Access to this Elite Trading Circle was sold separately but if you Join CMMP Today You get it for free.

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