$100,000 (N130m) from Crypto Airdrop (No investment required)

Earlier this year I discovered a hidden gem that has been secretly guided by only a few people.


It's about how to make a fortune with Crypto Airdrop.

I have tried it and it worked for me.


I'm giving you a chance to think it through...


To see if this is for you.

The inspiring thing about this crypto was how one of my role models made over 100k USD with it.


At 1,300 per dollar.

100k USD is 130 Million Naira.

That's what a guy I've come to admire made from Crypto Airdrop recently.

All he did was called farming.


Above is his tweeter screenshots.

I've known about this for years.

And I've tried it a couple of times.

But there was never a time I was taking Crypto Airdrop really seriously.

I've been focusing on investment and just do Airdrop when I feel like.

Last year, my brother made over $10,000 from Airdrop - No investment.

Like I said, they called this process farming.

It doesn't require any investment but it's not for the lazy people.

There are always social tasks to complete.

Mostly have to do with copy and paste.

It's fun.

And as I learn to do this, also, I want to give you chance to join me.

Let's make money together.

I did ICE and Avive but a little mistake (Due to my negligence) made me lost my 23,386 ICE, below is the screenshot of my ICE account.

ice now trade for on OKX at 0.004


At 0.004 per Ice, that's about $98 free money for me.

What did I do?

I negligently input a wrong platform wallet address.


I felt, it's the same network, it should work.


Poor me.

They sent the coin but I lost it.

Here is it:

I can still recover it but it's a long shot.


But I've taken my mind off it.

Now I'm learning all over and going all in.

What I am happy about is that some of my community members got paid successfully.

Those who started early with us collected $40 and above, and those who joined late were also paid some cash.

Below are the testimonials of some of my team members for Ice  Airdrops.

This Person Made $100 from ICE

Another Member Made $10

Another Member Made $24

Another Member Made $40

I have many testimonials from other members but I don't want to bore you with them...

Since this is a serious thing, it can make any serious person anything from $100 to up to $5000 and more in the next 1year or less...

And only serious people will actually benefit from it.

And it doesn't require any investment.

I don't want those who will waste my time by not taking it seriously in our community.


Because I will be investing time, energy and money into paid training to keep myself updated.


And as I learn and implement, I'll share with you access to premium information...


...that are hardly available to the public and we grow together because...

...this kind of info is the real deal only before they made available to many people.

As such.

This community access won't be free.

I know you are like, how much to join...

I'll tell you soon,

but first, these are what you get when you join.

1. Lifetime Access to our premium Crypto Airdrop community.
2. Training on Cryptocurrency Airdrop and how to make money from it.
3. Support on farming and how to go about it.
4. Access to two Airdrops that you can join now afresh and shortcut to get your account activated.
5. Daily support on farming tasks.

6. Step-by-step guide and how to build, grow and profit from your community because I'll be teaching you to become a leader in this space.
6. And other sure information on Airdrop opportunity that is actually predictable like Nodes, testnet, etc.

Simply put...

What I'll be teaching are the things responsible for my success in Cryptocurrency and how to avoid my mistakes.

I will teach you to be a leader in this space because the only way for you to succeed and make real money is to be a leader.

If you join now, which is early enough, you can make money and not small cash like $4, $5 Dollars.

If you do it right, you can be looking at anything from $100 to $5,000 and upwards without investment in crypto itself and without spending any money buying coins.

 Like I said, I will teach you to be a leader in this space...

...you'll learn to build your group, get your followers, and get them engaged using our copy-and-paste formula...

...and in the end, you'll reap more of the rewards.

I'm going to teach you to use AI, autoresponder and WhatsApp to build your followership.

Crypto Airdrop rewards majorly only leaders and that is what I'll teach you to become.


As a result of what you'll learn...

and the magnitude of work I will be putting into it...

The normal access will be charged at 150,000 naira per person, per year.

...but for those who are interested now.

And Willing to take this seriously.

If you join today, I'll allow you to pay ONLY N4,000 on-time payment.

No yearly renewal.

No additional Payment is to be made.

Just this, and you're fully in.

And if you join early now...

...and do one Airdrop well with us...

Just one...

At payout, you can easily make 10X your sign-up fee.


As I said, I'll be investing a lot of time, energy and money on training into this to ensure we all become successful.

I am giving it at this low price to launch the yearly subscription of 150k in the future.

So I'll be helping only these few to get good results with this.

And use their testimonials to get those who miss this chance to pay us 150k per year.

As such...

This is a limited offer and it's only for today.

If it's just 10 people who signed up, those are the ones I'll work with.

Like I said...

This offer expires today.

The class is holding on Saturday.

Use the account details below to pay 4,000 to secure your spot now.

Tech And Brain Systems
Access Bank

The remark should be  "FFC LEADERS"

FFC LEADERS STANDS FOR "Fresh Farming Community Leaders".

After payment, send proof to 09044791812 so we can add you to the community.


PLEASE NOTE: This payment only gives you access to the community, it's not an investment.

As a promise, if after the first class, you didn't want to be a part of it again...


You think it's not what you want,


Just message me to ask for a refund and I'll give you your money back, 


no hard feelings.

Feel free to let me know if you need any clarification.

See you at the top.

- Kenny

PS: Just so you know, upon payment verification, you'll be added to our group where the training will take place, and in the group, you'll receive continuous updates and your payment gives you lifetime access to the community. No renewal is required.

PSS: Please note that this training is only available for a few people and expires in a few hours and any moment from now it will no longer be available.

If you're interested, kindly register now.

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