This "Tool Box" is a 100% Done for You Fill in The Blank Template Pack + Training Videos for Creating & Launching an Info Product Business…

Ideal for Course Creators, Coaches, Affiliate marketers & anyone who wants to build a profitable info product business - without doing the work from scratch!

The Video Below Explains Why

Most people no matter how many coaching programs they attend, courses they buy and study, they still can’t do 2 things.

1: They Cannot Come up with an idea of a good product & Offer that can SELL & help them carve a space for themselves online.

2: And even when they do get an idea, they can’t sell it or create the marketing materials around that product, I’m talking about the email swipes, the sales copies, the webinar, pitch decks, lead pages and more.

Lets face it, not every business owner has sales skills.

And this is why what Nnamani Czar created is a big problem solver anyone who is super hungry to start their own businesses but don’t know how.

He has created a fill-in-the-blank, template-based business launch system that anyone can use even if they haven’t built a business or haven’t sold online - in their ENTIRE life!


He's done sales and copywriting all his life and as you might have known, he has written complete funnels for some of the best selling products in the Nigerian IM Space so believe me when I say this is packed!

  • Normally, the usual process is the business owner writes everything himself and hope the offer converts and he sells millions which, lets face it, doesn’t almost happen because their pitch is usually all over the place, I’m sure you have seen this yourself too many times


  • The person spends hundreds of thousands to pay copywriters and sales specialists like Czar to do it for them and lets face it, most of the newbies and youths trying to launch their online business don’t have 100s of thousands in budget for sales funnels.
  • So putting a product like this in their hands changes everything for them… 

...And I think it’s one of the many blessing I can bless you with this year.

This stuff is dummy-proof, like literally just fill in the blank and you can have your webinars, produce sales pages, lead pages, email swipes and sales funnels ready.

Inside you get: 

  • Fill in the blanks lead magnets. 
  • Fill in the blank squeeze pages
  • Fill in the blank sales letters 
  • Fill in the blank Upsell copy
  • Fill in the blank follow up email pack.
  • Email planner - weekly email ideas for ONE year
  • Fill in the blank VSL slides 
  • Fill in the blank Video Ad script
  • Fill in blank Webinar Slide Deck 
  • Fill in the blank word for word Webinar scripts 
  • Webinar launch fill in the blank emails
  • Fill in the blank hot offer planner sheet 
  • Fill in the blank CLAP funnel planner 
  • Fill in the Elementor templates for sales letters & squeeze pages. 
  • Course creation framework for designing a full course in under 20 minutes
  • Indepth Videos showing how to set up the templates. 
  • Telegram & facebook support group
  • Plus more

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If you are tired of courses & Theories...and just want something that works...

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