“How A Tribble Internet Buisness Mistake Cost Me 700k In 2019 But Pushed Me To… 

…Discover An E-commerce Cashflow That Makes Me Between 2k to 5k Every Day With Less Than 6k Start-up Capital”

The terrible mistake I made as a newbie in the internet business space was thinking I could get great results selling digital products with little capital and little efforts.

I was wrong.

The conversion was low and poor, and I continually lose money.

You asked why?

I’ll tell you now.

My name is Abolarin Kehinde, I am an Internet Entrepreneur.

You see, after 10 years of selling online, I have come to realize how things really work and what was responsible for the successes of the successful.

As matter of fact, it was never because they are better than you.

The truth is that many of them have intermediate marketing knowledge (which is enough to sell Physical product) but because they play in a better high converting market, they succeed faster than others.

But as a newbie in this space, I started with digital products and it was completely different.

It’s the market for the best.

You either figure out and become the best at Ad, Preselling and Follow-up or you’ll continue to lose money with nothing to show for it.

And because of my low commitment to the above, I lost 700k to a marketing campaign in 2019.

It was a painful experience.

I had to make up for the lost from other sources.

About 2years ago, I decided to start selling physical products with the help of my friend, Olaoluwa.

Olaoluwa has been doing ecommerce years before then and he is doing very fine financially.

And since we started, I have discovered that people buy more of physical products than Digital products.

To make one sale of a Digital product, many times I need to get at least 100 leads from cold traffic.

If I pay 150 Naira per lead, that’s 15k on advert.

And if the product I am promoting is high priced, I might not even get a sale until I get like 200 leads.

plus the fact that, I might have to host follow-up meetings, side training, webinars and jack up the offer in order for it to convert.

It’s a lot of work.

But with physical products, it’s pretty straightforward.

With 2k on advert, I can guarantee 1 sale of a product that pays me 3k profit minimum.

And when I do it right, conveniently I get up to 10 sales daily without stress.

That’s about 30k profit in one day.

So, telling you that 2k to 5k daily is possible was to put it into believable perspective.

You can do far more!

If you have been looking for a business that works and gets results faster, I will advise you to try selling physical product.

One of the reasons physical products sells a lot is mainly because it’s No. 1 most profitable market in the world and in Nigeria at large.

During my research, I discovered that physical product market (a.k.a eCommerce market) is worth 6.9 Billion US Dollars in Nigeria.

And that is why Supermarkets such as Shoprite and others are cashing in big on a daily basis because…

Almost every day, people buy one or two things they needed in the Kitchen, for beauty, for fashion, for health, for convenience sake, safety and security, etc.

It pained me that I discovered this market late.

I was struggling is a highly competitive market that requires more efforts and money to thrive.

All I can say is this…

If you wish to go into ecommerce, and you are on low budget.

But you wish to to make money from it daily, and believe 2k to 5k daily is not too small for you…

My friend, Ola, who recently showed me how anyone can cash in 2,000 To 5,000 Naira Daily Selling Other People’s Physical Products can help you.

All you need is to start is your phone and internet connection.

  • No Physical Contact, 
  • No Importation, 
  • No Stock Of Your Own—
  • Without Posting On Facebook And WhatsApp 
  • No Begging People To Buy From You
  • No website needed
  • No landing page needed
  • No Dancing In Front Of TikTok.

You Can Do This Part-Time As An Extra Income Source With Your Job Or Full-Time (If You Wish).

You Can Be A Complete Beginner And Start Making 2,000 To 5,000 Daily From Today..

If this is not too small for you.

and you’re willing to put in the small work it requires…

I advise you sign up for Ola’s e-commerce course.

And sweat thing is that, Ola’s training is cheap and affordable.

One of his students who joined the training last year, got in without any internet business experiece and succeeded within the first three weeks.

Here’s what she has to say about it.

Here’s the closer look of her testimony…

And since the video course is pre-recorded, you can gain instant access to it immediately after you sign up, 

…and you can download to your phone, study, implement and ask questions in the member’s group when you need help.

Just so you know…

The training is periodic and access to the class expired a few days ago, 

but I have  personally requested to let you join today. 

To get started, click register below to start your journey to a 2k to 5k daily income.

This system works very well in Africa especially in Ghana and Nigeria.

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