How anyone (even those "written off" by family & friends) can now follow the simple steps inside...

this new "Clever E-commerce" discovery...

to make 2,000 to 5,000 naira daily By tapping into the tiny less-competitive profitable parts of the $6.9 billion e-commerce market in nigeria

With No Physical Contact, No Importation, No Stock Of Your Own—Without Posting On Facebook And WhatsApp Or Begging People To Buy From You Or Dancing In Front Of TikTok…

You can do this part-time as an extra income source with your job or full-time (if you wish).

you can be a complete beginner and start making 2,000 to 5,000 daily from today...


Dear reader,

If you are interested in earning a comfortable living selling other people’s physical products…

Earning nothing less than 2,000 to 5,000 naira daily profit…

So you’re making just enough money every month to live comfortably and take better care of your loved ones

I can help you.

And that’s true.

  • Even if friends and family have written you off…
  • Even if you have no marketing experience
  • Even if you’ve never sold anything online before
  • Even if you are a slow learner

Or if everyone around you is treating you with disrespect, asking you… “What are you doing with your life?”

None of that matters

Forget about what anyone else says or thinks…

The only thing that matters right now is your desire to change your story for good.

If you can commit 100% to what I’m about to share with you.

It won’t be long until you look back and realize you have a completely new and different life…

A life you (and your loved ones) can be proud of.

This is thereabout the FASTEST way left to permanent financial freedom without doing any embarrassing things… 

like dancing on TikTok, posting on WhatsApp, begging people to buy… etc

it doesn’t require connection or having a rich uncle.

If you can use a phone to browse, then you can do this.

but I must warn you… this is not a get rich quick scheme!

If what you want is a get-rich-quick scheme, 

you can as well leave this page and move on with your life because you’ll be disappointed.

It is a real business and you can do it part-time with your current job 

And still make a steady income with it.

What would you say of a side business that generates—on a semi-auto pilot—for you…

Every month…

more than an average monthly salary of a University Graduate in Nigeria?



Hi, My name is Olaoluwa Ayoola, 4 years ago, I quitted my factory job for this Clever eCommerce Strategy.

It was a breakthrough for me.

Ever since, I have been moving high in my e-commerce business career…

I have been able to do in a short time what no one was able to do in my family.

I now have enough to cater for myself and my siblings

…live comfortably in a nice neigbourhood with 24hrs daily electricity in this same Nigeria.

Below is Me With One of The Top Influencers in Nigeria – Hon. Akin Alabi

But the truth is… it wasn’t always like this for me.

I admit, I was never the child who people thought would be someone. 

I was pretty plain, almost invisible. 

I had no great talents, nor intellect. 

The one thing I had going for me was my intuition.

Somehow I could always tell when something was about to happen and it freaked people out. 

That kind of made me an outcast. 

But by secondary school, I’d learned to hide it enough that I somehow made some friends.

I then gained admission into higher institution.

I was really happy

It felt like everything was going well for me. 

I was going to graduate, get a nice job, and in a few years, I was going to marry the love of my life.

Since my parent couldn’t afford to sponsor me through school

I had to figure it out on my own

At 300 level things became really had.

I was Broke,

  • No family to call
  • No friend to call
  • Siblings are on my neck
  • Everyone was making gest of me
  • Tuition was due
  • And I was scouting with a friend.

it was so bad that…

I wear near-rags to classes that I had to isolate from my course mates

no one was ready to help. no help, I only came across scammers.

in the midst of all these…

I struggled to graduate but the problem persisted to the point that…

The love of my life 

My fiancé

The pretty lady I was going to marry

Thinking that when we marry,

things will change as they say

had to dumped me a few days to our wedding introduction; 

That’s one of the most painful experiences of my life…

I was devastated.

However, I figured it’s one of the many things that can happen to you if you are broke.

And I never blamed her for her decisions.

I was owning her money

I was owning her brother as well.

The entire family was not happy about it

no one want to marry into poverty

absolutely no one!

Not even me.

Not that I’m trying to justify her actions…

but what I’m saying is that…

She’s not to be blamed.

It’s my fault.

And I take responsibility for it.

Because I had no money to fulfil my duties as the husband to be.

And I was also owning her and her family money.

There was no green light from no where.

No hope.

So, she dumped me.

love  is sweet

but it is sweeter when you have money.

I knew I had to do something about my financial situation

I knew something had to change.

I had already learnt Affiliate Marketing

but it wasn’t working for me

because it requires huge capital to make all the millions you see around.

I learnt Mini Importation e-commerce system also…

But I had no money to get started.

I had to take up a Factory job so I could solve my money problems.

But I Intuitively, knew I was made for the internet lifestyle

so I never gave up…

One day, while scrolling the internet as usual

I discovered something that changed everything for me..

It is called… 

The 0.00001% Rule

That was when I discovered why I was struggling in my life…

If you have at least one person in your life who is doing well for themselves

And you’re wondering how…

Here’s how…

The reason others make more money than you is not because they are better or more brilliant.

It’s simply because they play in a more profitable and bigger market

And as a result

When they put little efforts into anything

They get good results they and their loved ones can be proud of

Like I said, I already learnt about Mini importation e-commerce system

but I had no money to start

And I later discovered that…

The Physical Product, “eCommerce Market” is rated NO. 1 Most Profitable Market in the world

And that…

It Is Worth $6.9 Billion (US Dollars) in Nigeria

Here’s Where The 0.00001% came into play…

The market size is $6.9 billion right?

If you focus only on the 0.00001% of the market…

you multiply $6.9 Billion x 0.00001

you come out with $96,000/yr…

$96,000 x 490 per dollar (CBN Rate)

= N47,040,000 (Forty Seven Million and Forty Thousand Naira) Per year.

You don’t need 100% of the market to make a good income. 

You don’t need 1% of the market to earn daily.

You DON’T even need 0.01% of the market to make a good income.

So why are you trying soooo hard?

So many people would pick a market like this or business or weight loss or fitness and try to go after it headfirst.

When your only real focus should be can they go from N0 to say, N2,000.

From 0 customers to 1 customer.

So your niche isn’t for instance…

Health > mothers > pregnant mothers

It should be…

Health > mothers > pregnant mothers > Nigeria pregnant mothers > Southern Nigerian pregnant mothers > Southern Nigerian pregnant teenage mothers

The point is you only need 0.00001% of the market 

And you really only need to go from 0 customers to 1 customer on the first few days.

if you focus only on the tiny 0.00001% of the market… that’s less than 1%

you are not competing with jumia, konga or amazon…

you are not competing with those who do mini importation…

and the heavy importers.

you are focused on a tiny small audience I’ll reveal to you shortly…

However, this means conveniently…

you can still make up to 47 Million every year.

Look around you

And tell me one person that is into the physical product business

but not making money.

It is either they are clueless—not knowing how to get daily sales

Or they are stupid

Or lazy…

Or all of the above.

The 0.00001% Rule was an eye opener for me.

I figured I do not even need 47 Million a year.

All I needed was just 2,000 to 5,000 Naira daily

I knew if I had it

I would be able to settle my house rent

Pay off my debts and other fees

I can buy new wears

I can settle my siblings

I can build more businesses

All I wanted was a steady source of income to take care of my personal needs.

This stuff changed everything for me. (I have no idea where I’d be today if I didn’t discover how to sell other people’s physical product re-motely).

Without physical contact with product, seller or buyers

Without product of my own

Without begging people to buy from me

Without dancing in front of TikTok (I can’t even do it. I’m a chronic introvert)

With little start-up capital—I started with just 1,000 Naira money for paid advert.

If 2,000 to 5,000 daily income does not irritate you

if it doesn’t feel too small for you to own daily

If this is what you want,

And you’re willing to change your story for good.

You know that 2,000 to 5,000 daily steady income will mean a lot to your life

So you make enough to take care of your loved ones

…you know you deserve better in life than what you are getting.

You know the last chapter of your life is yet to be written

That you can prove the naysayers wrong

Everyone who doubt and ridicules you

Even treat you with disrespect…

Simply because things don’t seem to be going well for you just yet (and they think you have nothing to offer…)

But you know in your mind that all that you need is just a cash flow

A daily income of 2,000 to 5,000

That if you can just make 60,000 to 200,000 a month (which is the total amount you make if you make 2,000 to 5,000 Naira daily…)

And you’ll have enough money to do other things…

Buy whatever you want…

Pay your rent

Sponsor your loved ones…

Start the business of your dream…

Resign your terrible job

And if you’re the kind of person I think you are…

Fed up of where you are now…

And ready to change your story for good

I want to tell you that you’re on the right track

Below Are some of The Deliveries I Recently Made With My Clever E-commerce Strategy

And Many more I don’t want to bore you with…

These Are The Steps Involved If You’re To Make 2k to 5k Daily

Step 1. Pick a high in demand physical product (we’ll give you a list you can pick from)

Step 2. Set up a paid advert to sell it

Step 3. Monitor delivery.

Your work majorly is monitoring.

Once you get an order…

yours is to send details to the vendor

And then you monitor the delivery via phone or WhatsApp.

You don’t need a physical contact with the product,

you don’t need a stock of your own,

you don’t need to post on WhatsApp status or dance in front of tik-tok.

With the Paid ad system we teach,

you can conveniently make 2k to 5k daily with this business models

And one successful delivery can easily make you between 2k to 5k profit

And sometimes you can deliver 2 or 3 every day.

Like I said, you can do everything online without leaving your home.

NOTE: I had no product. No Importation. No Posting On WhatsApp. No Dancing On Tik-tok. I had no sales experience.

And yet, I was able to pull that kind of result.

And to every delivery, I made between 2,500 to 7,000 profit.

and I deliver at least 3 every day.

Some times, I deliver up to 8 in one day.

You can do the math yourself.

So if I’m saying you can make 2,000 to 5,000 profit daily

I am being realistic.

you can actually make more.

I know by now you are wondering…

How do you get started?

Shortly, I’ll tell you how you can join this program today…

But before you hop on… There’s something Very Important I need to tell you…

Yes, it’s true…

Using my clever e-commerce strategy means…

You’ll be making just enough money to live life on your terms… and take very good care of your loved ones.

Simply put:

The money is good. Very good.

And you’ll have a life most people can only dream of.

A life you’ll be proud of.

A life your loved ones will be proud of.

But the reality is:

The money won’t just fall on your lap.

You have to take this stuff seriously.

You have to take what you learn and put it to work

You have to be consistent.


You will have to work hard.

Even though myself and my friends made a lot with this opportunity, the money didn’t just fall from the sky.

We work hard.

See where I’m going?

So if you’re not ready to work hard…

If you can’t 100% commit to this path long-term

If you’re someone who lacks patience and discipline…

Or someone who’s looking for quick money.

I’m not your guy.

And as such…

I don’t want you in my program.

Hope You Understand What I’m Telling You?

That said.

If you are ready to put in the work…

I’m confident you’ll love the result.

On that basis, I’ll like to invite you to join the Daily E-Commerce Income System (D.E.I.S.)

How To Join Daily E-Commerce Income System (D.E.I.S.)

This is a program I created to teach you step by step How to Make 2,000 to 5,000 Daily Selling Other People’s Physical Products Online…

Without Posting On WhatsApp, 

Dancing on Tik-tok or 

Begging People To buy from you.

You can be a complete beginner and start making 2,000 to 5,000 Naira daily from Day one 

…if you follow the simple steps in the D.E.I.S Program.


Here’s what you’re getting as a new member of the Daily E-commerce Income System (D.E.I.S)…


The Beginner Friendly “D.E.I.S Document” That helped One Of My Students go from zero to N150,000 Profit in Less than two weeks…

Attached below is my chat with her

That’s from Victoria

the same Document I gave her

is what I am giving you…

This document is easy to read and easy to understand…

It gives you a solid foundation on how the money really works using my e-commerce strategy.

Helps you get “Good enough to earn N2,000 to N5,000 or more” per day, selling other people’s physical products from anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn inside this document:

  • Since what you’ll be doing is selling other people’s physical products and making money from it… This is the part I will show you the first step to take if you are to achieve the 2k to 5k daily target with this ecom strategy (… it’s understanding what products people spend money on) And that’s what you’ll learn in this eye-opening section.
  • You’ll get List of high converting products you can start to sell.
  • A Done-for-you Chat Script to Deploy when people reach out to you for a product (so you know exactly what to say to make them buy immediate)
  • How to Source for product to sell and confirm it legitimacy without physical contact with the supplier.
  • The Negotiation tactics that helps us get high profit margin from the products we sell. …Profit margin on our products can go as high at 7,000 per product sometimes. Imagine delivering just one of that daily?
  • You’ll discover simple system for selling the product without leaving your house, without a website, without posting on WhatsApp, without begging people to buy or dancing on tik-tok.
  • You’ll know How to fulfil order on time once you have them. This comes with list of contacts I have used for delivery in profitable locations.
  • How to get paid directly into your bank the moment the delivery goes through. 
  • And more.


Watch Me create Facebook Ads Live for a Winning Product… (using the C. V. T. Method)

Without this Facebook Ads, you won’t sell.

People who post on their WhatsApp status do so because they don’t how to get customers using Facebook paid advert.

Reaching people who have money to buy a product is usually a thing of struggle with many ecom ‘guru’.

And if you must make enough money everyday in your business you must run advert for your product…

You can get as many customers on a daily basis you wish.

With just 2k on advert

you can start getting sales from day one.

The beauty of it is that…

You can use this Facebook Ad system to sell any product and still get great results.

I’ll show you how it’s done by actually doing it for you…

…in a video guide that feels as though you are standing behind me and watch me do it.


WhatsApp Marketing Setup & Automation That Makes You Money Without Posting On Your Status

One of the things that will ensure your success is your ability to automate some parts of your ecommerce business using WhatsAPP.
That’s why I have included this video guide for you…
So you know how to set up your WhatsApp such that you can automate, and follow up on serious buyers without posting on WhatsApp Status.


MOBILE Video Editing To Show you how to create marketing videos that sells.

 In this module, I will walk you through step by step how to create simple marketing videos…

.. that gets total strangers hook to your ad and reach out to buy from you.

not only that, the videos will also screen out broke people so you only have to chat with those who have money to buy.


Get A Tailor-Made Product Including:  Marketing Contents, Supplier Details, etc… to Plug and Play so you start selling from day one

If you are wondering where do you start from, don’t fret.

in this module, I will give you a product you can start with.

it’s evergreen.

you will get all the necessary tools you need to start selling the products immediately.

you’ll get:

  • Supplier Details
  • Delivery person details
  • Product name
  • Facebook Ads content
  • WhatsApp Chat Script for this product. e.t.c.

And you’ll be given immediate…

Access to Private D.E.I.S Members Group

Ask Questions, Get Help on your questions… and Interact with Dozens of Amazing ECOM Experts who are happy to help You Day by Day…

Call it our little support group.

I’m aware of the importance of continual support in business,

when you sign up, 

you’ll be added to our private group where you can get help

And get answers from either me

Or anyone of my students…

As you’ll see… it’s more than just a support group

We’re really just like a small, happy family…

Where every member wants to see the other person win

and also get update as new products comes, 

And I’m confident you’ll love it here.

Now… if you’ve checked out everything

And you really want to join us…

Then the next question on your mind is probably…

“How much to enroll for the D.E.I.S Program?”

Good question….

And I’ll give you the answer in just a minute (I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the price…)

But first…

I want to give you everything you’ll need to succeed on this path…

A comprehensive strategy that will serve you for life…

Including (but not limited to)… when you choose to start your own company or forge your own business partnerships.

And on that basis…

Here are a few bonuses I thought you might need:

Bonus #1

How To Create a Dropshipping Store with Shopify & Aliexpress



Once you start making 2,000 to 5,000 daily with D.E.I.S, then it is time for you to make more by scaling up…

…that’s where Dropshipping on Aliexpress come in.

Dropshipping from AliExpress to Shopify is one of the most popular business models in the eCommerce industry today.

with this you get paid in dollars and your profit per product can go as high as $50 per product (that’s $50 x 490 = 24,500)


Imagine doing two deliveries daily at $50 profit per product with Aliexperess and Shopify?

That 49k daily profit.

It’s highly profitable and with right guide, (which I have included a video guide for you here)

…it becomes easy for you to implement.


Bonus #2

YouTube CashFlow

YouTub is getting bigger every day and cashing out from YouTube is a great one. 

This YouTube CASH FLOW will be a game-changer for you because it will help you:

  • Build influence
  • Create new, consistent, predictable and stable income source
  • And impact many lives through your videos.

You can earn up to $100 a day on YouTube. 

You don’t need a website. 

You won’t need many subscribers. 

You won’t even need to show your face

You can be a complete beginner and start earning $100 a day.

YouTube Cashflow will help you set up a YouTube channel, 

And teaches you how to put unique content on it 

without showing your face.

You don’t even need to be creative

All you need to succeed will be given to you.

It’s the easiest way to earn on YouTube without Stress.


Unrestricted Access To My Offer Conversion Class

In this class I will teach you to how to physical products in 10s and 100s with ease using Offer Conversion Strategy,

…by using an offer conversion strategy that triggers the buy button of your audience even if they do not want the product…

In this module you’ll discover three things that determines unstoppable sales:

1. Audience Mastery: this is simply knowing who you must sell to that will most definitely guaranty sales.

2. Offer Packaging: this is how to put together great offer that gets people to beg you to sell your products to them.

3. Closing: This is the point where you get people to say, hey, take my money and send me the product. 

Many business owners have great products and good offers but they don’t know how to get people to say yes,

shockingly, you don’t need to worry about that anymore, this section has already solved the problem for you.

With this you don’t need copywriting, you don’t need hard selling, you don’t need to know how to write sales copy.

You will learn how to make people buy what you sell, even if they have to walk on fire, walk through the desert or sleep on ice in order to get it.

This bonus alone is worth N15,000 but you get it for free when you sign up today.


And a Live Call with Me:
Winning Product Breakdown, “Q & A” Sessions, and the Recordings from the Call

On this call, you can ask me anything

But more than that…

There’s quite a lot you’ll be learning too

For example:

I might pick a new product I am currently selling and explain how to create a tailormade sales conversion system for it live.

And tell you why it’s selling and also make more recommendations.

So you see how to sell it too.

And how you can take some of the elements of that conversion and use it to for more sales system.

Or I might show you something I’m working on

And answer any questions you may have

Whatever it is…

If you can make it to these call

I’m confident you’ll learn something that will be useful to you… (one way or another…)

And even if you can’t attend these call (for reasons beyond your control…)

You’ll always have access to the recordings inside the members area. 

So that’s it.

As you can see, what I’ve tried to do is give you everything you’ll need to succeed on this path…

Along with the guidance and support too

Plus… these program is easy to implement

There’s even a guide on how to study (and implement)

To make it as easy as possible for you

So you’re not confused on where to start…

Or what to do next

And remember, if you ever have any questions…

All you have to do is reach out in the members group

And you’ll have your questions answered…

Either by me… or any one of my students.

So that’s it…

Everything outlined above is what you’re getting when you join us today.

Now, to the question of…

How Much to Enroll for the Daily E-Commerce Income System?

Before I tell you how much you’re investing to join us…

There’s one more thing I’d like to say…

You see before I discovered this new way to make 2,000 to 5,000 daily…

I was into Affiliate Marketing and almost everyone who knew me thought I was wasting my life.

Do you blame them? Of course not…

I was not making many sales.

I was broke and it physically showed in my ways of life.

So, no money was flowing in.

I continually invest in marketing with no tangible results.

And almost everyone who knew me felt I like wasting my life away…

If you’ve been ridiculed because “you don’t have money” … because you don’t have a job… or because you’re still not making progress in what you currently doing online…

Then you know it’s a position nobody wants to be in.

And I can confidently tell you that with this discovery you can prove the naysayers wrong.

Because The Last Chapter of Your Life Has Not Been Written Yet…

And if you’re the kind of person I think you are…

A business-minded person…

Fed up with where you are now…

And ready to change your story for good…

I want to tell you that you’re on the right track.

And I am confident that if you take everything in this program and put it to use…

It won’t be long before you look back and realize you have a completely new level of personal income and lifestyle freedom…

And I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join…

On that note…

Let’s talk about… how much you’re investing to join the Lead Money Program today:

If we’re to set a fair price for this…

It shouldn’t be anything less than N50,000

And even then…

It’d still be a good deal.

This system has helped me move from zero to making more than 200k in a month.

And just

2,000 daily and in 30 days you can make 60,000 and recoup your investment back

And you can start to make at least 2,000 from day one.

So, 50,000 would be a great bargain.

See it as making an investment that will give you returns in multiple folds.

But I realize not everyone interested in joining us today will have N50,000 to invest right away…

Plus, I want to make this as affordable as possible for anyone interested in doing this kind of business I do for a living.

That’s why today (until we raise the price)

I’m making this opportunity available to you

For (=N=N15,000

but if you join today you pay N4,000 Only.

Just 1 or 2 sales of 4,000 naira profit and you’ve recouped your investment and everything you make after is pure 100% profit.

And that’s just 1 or 2 sales, and you can do this on day 1.

The more focused you are, the more money you make.

You know…

Many people will borrow just to impress others…

They’ll empty their bank accounts (even borrow lots more) to invest in Ponzi schemes that promise fast gain… promote overnight riches.

But when it comes to investing in something that can change their lives for good…

Something that can set them free from lack of money for the rest of their lives…

They’ll say they don’t have money (because it doesn’t promise fast gains… or overnight riches.)

Then they look back 2years to 5years down the line.

And realize they’re still stuck with a life they hate.

It’s at this point…

That many people start wishing they did the right thing earlier.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you what to do with your money

…or your life for that matter.

I’m sure you’re old enough to know what’s good for you.

And if you’d rather pass on this, that’s fine, no pressure.

But if you’d like to join us today through this special deal

It would be nice to have you on board.

However, before you sign up, let me put your mind at ease:

Here’s My 30 Days 200% Money Back Guarantee.

As you can see, I’m not just selling you a program.

I’m offering support, giving you plug-and-play templates and ensuring you succeed.

The proof of income you see on this page gives you an idea of just how effective the D.E.I.S is…

I could easily charge N50,000 for this.

Yet, I’m making it available at a ridiculously low price

To make it easily accessible for anyone interested…

To help as many people who need this

And right now, I’m sweeting the deal further

…by giving 100% what you pay if you didn’t get everything I promised here.

What you see on this page is what you get.

If within 30 days after you get this program 

You discover that you didn’t get everything we promised…

Just request a refund

And you’ll get 100% your money back immediately.

You can screenshot this page for future references.

Everything you see here today is exactly what you are getting.

I have unshakable confidence in what I teach and give.

And if you consistently implement what you learn, I’m confident you’ll love the results.

If you’re ok with my refund policy…

And you’re ready to get started…

On your path to start making 2,000 to 5,000 daily…

selling other people’s physical products…

And living just the kind of life you’ve always wanted…

With enough money to take better care of yourself and your loved ones… (and prove the naysayers wrong)




And you’ll get your products immediately your payment is confirmed.

NOTE: The 4,000 is only for today and it will change to 15k anytime from now.

If and when you come here and see that it has changed, don’t come begging. I reserve the right to change it any time I want.


Don’t Move Like a Sloth…

There is a lesson I learnt in The Woman King that I want you to learn from…

The Woman King is a recently trending epic film…

You can check it out online.

Here’s the lesson:

While they were running out of captivity,

Izogie, the sweet Dahomey captain moves very fast with Nawi, her protégé…

But Nawi is yet to master her speed…

So she was captured,

While Izogie tries not to leave her behind

She was shut dead.

It was a painful death.

While slowly dying in agony…

She reminded Nawi about one of the training lessons…

The Training Nawi couldn’t get herself to master

And because Nawi wasn’t ready for that…

She caused a loved one to die an untimely death.

At Izogie dying moment she said to Nawi…

“You move like a sloth”

It was sad.

Nawi cried out loud…

for Izogie not to die

but it was too late.

I almost cried.

It’s a lesson of defining moment.

If it reaches you unprepared.

You will be disappointed.

Your miracle will pass you bye

Just like Izogie’s death.


Your loved ones on a sick bed

At the point of death

You needed money urgently

And there’s nothing to give

No one to call

And you have not enough in your bank.

Don’t even say “I won’t spend my money on sickness”

For you, it may not be sickness…

Anyone can be in need of an urgent financial help.

Life happens.

And when it does

You must be ready for it.

My mum almost died because I couldn’t afford a 1,000 anti malaria drug for her…

It was a neighbour who helped us.

I was sad.

I cried.

If she had died

I wouldn’t have forgiven myself.

Yours might not be sickness

It might be an opportunity you needed some money to take advantage of.

But you missed

Because you were financially unprepared

If this happens to you.

You won’t forgive yourself for it.

Deep down

You’ll know you have wasted time.

Who knows…

Maybe you’re supposed to be in the UK by now.

Taking advantage of the study route everyone is using to ‘Japa’.

But to do that legally…

Without using any fake documents…

You need at least 7m

for Visa fees, agent fees, school fees, flight tickets,

accomodation and other living expense.

And that’s for singles.

To go with your family.

Using the same route.

You need more.

Far more.

One of my friends who recently relocated with his family of 5…

Father, mother and three children…

Spent 15 Million Naira.

But I guess you’re still in Nigeria mainly because you don’t have that kind of money.

Let me advice you…

Don’t procrastinate on things that can transform your finance positively.

Become an Alpha person.

Become someone in total control of their finance.

Earn daily.

Decide how much you make…

You’re a special being

There’s power in your mind

And if you understand that power

You’ll be limitless.

You’ll be really successful.

But to discover it and able to try your ideas.

You need to first start Earning daily.

You need more money.

2,000 to 5,000 daily is not a bad start.

Start today.

Join now.

Don’t wait until your defining moment catches up with you.

Tomorrow is already late.

Do it now.





And you’ll get your products immediately your payment is confirmed.

NOTE: The 4,000 is only for today and it will change to 15k anytime from now.

If and when you come here and see that it has changed, don’t come begging. I reserve the right to change it any time I want.

All the Best,

Olaoluwa Ayoola

Creator, Daily E-commerce Income System 


Got any Questions?

I’ll try to answer them here:

When is this program starting or has it started already?

It’s an online program that’s available so long as this page is live.

Anytime you join, you’ll have access to the program and everything promised above.

And you won’t have to worry about missing out.

You’ll be automatically added to the members’ group where you keep getting updates from me.

Plus, if you have any questions, you’ll always get answers by sending message to the group.

What Type of Products Will I Be Selling?

Simply put, you’ll be selling physical products.

The kind of products we sell are high-converting products and that’s why we sell daily.

The products we recommend to our students sells like pure water and they are evergreen.

They are 25 in total and you’ll get a list of them once you sign up.

…and also get the principles for choosing winning products,

So if you don’t want to promote any of them you will be able to research and get your own product.

What Are The Steps Involved If You’re To Make 2k to 5k Daily?

Step 1. Pick a high in demand physical product (we’ll give you a list you can pick from)

Step 2. Set up a paid advert to sell it

Step 3. Monitor delivery.

Your work majorly is monitoring.

Once you get an order…

yours is to send details to the vendor

And then you monitor the delivery via phone or WhatsApp.

You don’t need a physical contact with the product,

you don’t need a stock of your own,

you don’t need to post on WhatsApp status or dance in front of tik-tok.

With the Paid ad system we teach,

you can conveniently make 2k to 5k daily with this business models

And one successful delivery can easily make you between 2k to 5k profit

And sometimes you can deliver 2 or 3 every day.

Like I said, you can do everything online without leaving your home.

How do we get paid… I hope it’s not PayPal?

You’ll be selling to Nigerians in Nigeria so you get paid directly into your local bank account (Any of Nigerian Banks).

What if I am not good at marketing or I’ve never made money online before?

It doesn’t matter.

But just a reminder…

Most of my inner circle members started with zero experience…

Like… they knew nothing about E-commerce business marketing.

And had never been paid a single money to sell for anyone

Yet… today… they are making a lot of money in this space.

Guess what?

They are not any smarter than you…

So if they could use what I share with them to get results…

I’m confident you can do the same…

And who knows…

You’ll probably go on to make more money than some of them.

What if I have a job… Can I do this part-time… on the side?

Yes, you can.

You can set aside weekends, or your spare time at least 1 to 2 hours a day…

But this doesn’t take away the fact that you’ll have to put in the necessary work to make things happen.

My point is even if you’re doing this as a side hustle,

You have to be serious and implement what you learn (even if it’s just a few hours daily for a start…)

Otherwise, please don’t sign up.

How long until I start making money?

I can easily tell you within 24hrs of getting this program…

And I have proof to back up that kind of claim.

Some of the proof of results you see on this page are from 24hrs transaction.

But I’ll be lying if I said I knew exactly when you’d start making money after you get started.

The only thing I can assure you is:

If you focus on implementing (ruthlessly and patiently) what I show you,

You’ll start making money (…upward of N2,000 to N5,000 per day and lots more… as demand for your products grows) probably much sooner than you expect, even from day 1.

How long do you think it will take me to finish going through the program… before I start implementing it??

I’d say 4 hours… that’s the average time it will take me if I’m starting from scratch…

But then…

What I’ve learned in all my years of teaching is;

People learn differently

So it might take you more or less, depending on your learning speed…

But the good thing is…

Everything inside the Daily E-Commerce Income System is easy to understand…

So I’d say you can learn at your own pace…

And if you have any question…

Don’t hesitate to ask in our members’ group…

We’ll be there for you…

To provide answers and feedback…

To help you progress until you start to get results (using what you learn inside the program)

This way, you’re getting everything out of the invaluable information at your disposal.

I really want this… but I can’t afford the sign-up fee right NOW, can you give me free …so I pay you when I make money?

To be honest with you.

I have done my best to reduce the price such that almost anyone can afford it.

There’s no nobility in poverty. I’ve been poor and I know what it feels like.

However, there’s dignity in labour. 

Especially if you are working with a plan to set yourself free permanently from poverty.

Having said that…

What you can do is either sell off what you’re not using, to raise the money 

Or get a menial job you can do temporarily to raise the money

Or ask for help from loved one.

Ask yourself, if this is the last program you have to take before you start to live the life others can only dream of, 

would you prefer to let it pass you by or you’ll give it your best shot?

Though I would give it my best shot.

And expect you do the same.

Can I reach out to you Privately…. if I have questions?

Unless it is a matter of life and death.


Please SEND ALL YOUR QUESTIONS to the “members group”

Because when you ask your questions in the members group

Everyone else benefits from the answers that follow (either from me… or any one of my students…)

But when you’re reaching out to me privately…

You’re the only one benefitting.

Not good.

For how long will I have access to this program (and everything you’ve promised) …once I sign up today?

How does lifetime access sound?

Not bad right?

Hopefully, these answers were helpful…

And if you’re still interested in joining us…

To get all the guidance and support you’ll need…

To become a money magnet generating leads for new platforms…

And have the kind of life you’ve always wanted…

All you have to do is click the orange button below,

I’ll see you inside.


This Price is ONLY for today

The normal price for this program is N15,000. But if you get it today you pay just N4,000

However, the 4,000 is only for today. and it will change to 15k anytime from now.

If and when you come here and see that it has changed, don’t come begging. 

I reserve the right to change it any time I want.

Whatever you decide… I wish you all the best.




And you’ll get your products immediately your payment is confirmed.


Finish something today…

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