“If This Does Not Solve Your Money Problem in the Next 90 Days or Less Then Nothing Else Will Help You”

Look, I know you are sick and tired of seeing adverts online talking about make money online or internet business.  


I also know you have seen so many claims all over the internet, some claiming they can teach you to make plenty of money overnight, that will make you become rich like Dangote and even set it up for you and watch your money grow like grass.


I believe you are smart so I know that you know all of those things are JUST lies told by people who just want to make money from you by selling you make money product they themselves never used to make a dime for once! then turn around and sell you trainings and packages that don’t work.


I am not going to insult your intelligence and so I am going to be 100% very very honest with you here.  


What you are reading is an advert,  


…..and I’m advertising two things. The first one is my Internet Wealth Formula that will teach you how to do the exact Internet Business I did to make 1 Million+ in 87 days with just 30k input, and ultimately solve your money problem (the same fomula I have been using to make steady income online for well over 8 years). The other one is my Automation System you can use to set everything on complete autopilot—which will reduce your work and increase your income drastically.

 But Here Is the Truth

My Internet Wealth Formula WILL NOT make you A Million overnight if your income right now is below 1M monthly. And my Automation System will not increase your income to make you become so rich and solve all your money problems in one short.  


I wish I can tell you it will but I will be lying if I told you that.  


What my Internet Wealth Formula does is ONLY to add about 5, 6 to 7 figures to how much you already been making either online or offline.


So if you are making 50k a month now it is only going to make you instantly gain the knowledge that can help you add up to 100k to your income and a little above than you make at the moment.


And if you are already making at least a 100k it will just immediately show you a shortcut you can use to increase your income to multiple 6 figures, such as 200k, 300k, 400k, 500k even 900k+.


And That Is Good Enough Because It Takes Only 200k – 400k a Month to Live a Comfortable Live in Many Parts Of Nigeria


But the good thing about this is that if you start making 200k A Month for a while, your knowledge and expertise will slowly start increasing and become more effective over time. So gradually, in a few months from now, you can be able to go from 200k a month and then to 500k, to 1 Million a month or even more.


Here is the Breakdown of My Internet Wealth Formula


This is simply using the combination of the knowledge you already have plus that of the other people to make a fortune for yourself.


This is how it works.


Take for instance, if you know ‘how to bake a cake’ or ‘How to satisfy a woman in bed’ or ‘How to get a UK Visa Without Stress’ or ‘How Pregnant Woman Can Have Their Babies in US So Their Child Becomes A US Ciziten’ or ‘How To Do Anything You Know’… you now get the logic right?


Let me sight more examples… Let’s say you know ‘How Anyone Can Get A Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Fast Within a Year or Less’ or ‘How A Rich Handsome Guy Can Get A Good Wife In Less Than 1 Year ’ or ‘How Any Woman Can Get A Man To Propose Marriage To Her’ or ‘How To Pass a Job Interview in One Shot’ or ‘How To Start And Run A Business Successfully’ or ‘Anything You Know Right Now’… Got it now?


Let’s continue…


…and you wish to discretely or openly share the knowledge and make money with it while sharing it, my Wealth Formula will teach you:


  • How to package this knowledge inform of a professional guide ready to sell online.
  • How to research the knowledge so you perfect it and add more if need be
  • How to determine who needed the info you've got and have money to pay for the guide.
  • How to reach these audience in hundreds and thousands every day, even millions overtime and present your guide to them.

This is not making mount… one  of my products recently reached over 400k+ people and 18k+ Clicks in few days… See roof below…

Prospective Customers Reached in 15 days

These are the kind of things I will show you how to do.

  • My Internet Wealth Fomula will also teach you how to reach this audience using both free methods and paid methods.
  • Show you how to sell at least 100 copies of your product within the first 30 days and then as many copies of the guide as possible.


What If You Don't Know Anything Or Have Any Idea to Sell?

  • If you think you don’t know anything at the moment, my Internet wealth formula will show you how to discover your hidden knowledge, such that you can make money from it immediately.
  • If you don’t have any hidden knowledge you can package and sell, my wealth formula will show you how to discover who does, and make the person share the knowledge with you for free or for the price of plantain chips.
  • Then you can package this knowledge as your own, and sell for 100% profit. No jokes. I have done this over and over again! No Legal issues!
  • My wealth formula will show you how to use Facebook to sell your products in 100s and thousands. No hypes. I do that every now and then.
  • In this Wealth Formula, I will also show you a Platform that has a Pool of Products You can Use My sytem to promote. If you don't have any knowledge, you can just log unto this platform, pick one product, and just sell. With this system, you can be sure of getting 50, 60, even up to 80% commission from whatever product you sell from the platform...
  • In fact, if you choose to sell from the platform, you don't need to do any other work as all the work is done for you. Just focus on following my advise and setting up your automation system which I will talk about soon.


Many people claim to know how to sell on Facebook and to make it work for anyone but the truth is that, a lot of them don’t. They will say whatever you wish to hear and end up selling you what you already know that’s not really producing good results for you.


My method of selling on Facebook is so unique that even your friends on Facebook will never know you are selling anything because you won’t be posting on your timeline and yet, you will be making a lot of cool sales daily.


With my eight years of experience running advert on Facebook, I can tell you virtually how to make it work effortlessly.


My method is evergreen!


Let Facebook update their system 10 times over, my method will always work.


This is not mouth…


See one of the recent results I got from promoting one of my products on Facebook.

1000+ Leads Generated to Automation Systems in 15 days


I was paying very little to get people to get on my Prospective customer list (LEADS) and in two weeks I was able to Add 1000+ to that list.


Ask any Internet marketer around you and he or she will tell you only someone who knows what he or she is doing can get this kind of great result.  And the sweat thing here is... you will get the breakdown of how I am doing it in this package.


  • I will also be sharing with you my messaging tactics. One thing is to get a lot of people to see your product, another thing is to get them to buy via right messaging. This is not hard, in fact, you don’t need to be able to write to do this. It’s very easy and straightforward.
  • I will share with you the system and templates I use when it comes to messaging the right way.
  • I will also show you How to collect your money Both in Naira and in US Dollars and have it Deposited directly into your Nigeria Bank account. This is simple, easy and 100% Risk FREE. I have taught people how to do this before and it's working fine.
  • At times you may not have knowledge to share or have anyone who does, I will show you how to get readymade products you can simply recommend using my Automation System, and get 50, 60 even up to 80% commission from the sales.

With this strategy, you don’t do any work besides recommending the product. I do this a lot and make money with it.

  • When it comes to selling a lot of copies of your guide online, getting a lot of prospective customers to see it plays a large role in it.


As such, I will also be giving you my other sources of traffic, so you won’t be limited to Facebook alone. And NO, it’s not Instagram!


I will reveal to you my major sources where you can also go to announce your products to people who have money to buy.


Imagine creating one guide and you are selling it for 4,500 per copy and you sold 100 copies in 30 days which is very realistic…


That’s 450k income. Minus, let’s say all your expense is 100k… that’s 350k profit.


And you can do this on part time spending less than 25 minutes on it daily till the system is completely automated.


The truth is, some information is worth far more than 4,500. You can sell some for as much as 15,000 Naira per copy. If you sold 100 copies of those, that’s N1.5M in 30 days. And the beauty is, you can make same number of sales spending same amount on expense, just 100k that's N1.4m pure profit.




The Automation System I will share with you will not make your income increase overnight. I will be lying if I told you that it would. But it works, trust me on that. It's what I use in promoting all my products.


It takes away your stress of having to manually manage this business and help you set everything on complete autopilot. It takes about 3 days of automation to make you your first sale online and thereafter, the cash will start flowing into your bank account, even when you are sleeping. And if you keep using it then it will gradually keep increasing your sales online steadily.


And this is 100% true. No Hypes.


I Know All This Because That Is What I Use Myself.


I really do.


At a point, I didn’t have the knowledge to share, what I did was found someone who has a unique information, interviewed him, get him to tell me everything and then I packaged and sold it online using my two systems together—the Internet Wealth Formula and the Automation System…


…and doing that, I made a little above 1 Million Naira in less than 90 days.


Given to the fact that that’s not the first time I would get that kind of results is why I told you, if this system doesn’t work for you in 90 days or less, nothing else may work for you ever. At least, not online.


Below is The PROOF of My Earning

That’s 1 Million+ In Less Than 90 Days!

A lot of people will lie and tell you bogus stories about how they overcame money problem and faced frustration as a result of not always having enough money just to make you buy their stuff.


But I’m a real life example of what lack of money can really do to an adult. In my own case I was living in an uncompleted building, exposed to different dangers and don’t know where to go from there. That was when I knew I had to master this system to solve my money problem, increase my income (Ofcourse I was making money, it just not enough to do what is important to me) and then, I did. I solved my money problem.


In your case you might not be homeless just yet…..maybe yours is only wishing you can be better at providing for your home….maybe you just want to have a little more so you can be a good spouse or child…..but trust me on this, not having enough money always, especially not having a steady income source that makes you money while you sleep is dangerous to ANY human being…


Lack of enough money has been proven to make people cheat on their spouse, (and not only women, men also cheat with sugar mummy because of money!) and if you are married, not having enough money can even go as far as making you become scared of having sex.


….it can ruin a live overnight, kill your self-esteem completely, make family and friends lose interest in you and even look down on you. 

Even the bible says… ‘No one likes the poor, not even their neighbors, but the rich have many friends.’

But Maybe There Is Actually a Reason Why You Are Seeing This Post Today


….maybe this is the final chance you will ever have to come across what really works and solve this money problem once and for all.


This is not hype, but look - if this does not help you make money and solve your money problems – then NOTHING else will. The reason why I can tell you this with that kind of confidence is because I have tried every way to make money online, every way imaginable before I finally discovered this.


….So I know


Therefore Take It or Leave It


If this can work for me and thousands other Netpreneur who use this system in over 161 countries, Including the US and Nigeria, then I believe it can work for you too.


My Internet Wealth Formula + My Automation SystemCOOL CASH Blueprint

Stetp by step Guide in Video and Readable Text.

When you have this blueprint, you can command cash at will!

But You Might Be Asking Yourself Why Should You Believe Me

….after all I’m trying to sell you something, so I might just be like everyone else out there trying to sell something that doesn’t work.


Well, I will let other people who have gone through my training speak for me…

After going through one my guides, he now makes nothing less than 50k weekly selling information products.
Yet another positive rating from Oyewale after getting satisfaction from training he got from me.
In short, this is the fastest way to start making money online very fast.
He experienced difficalties while implementing the training, and yet I stood by him and helped him out. That's what I do for all my students.
Initially, he didn't trust me but after working with me he discovered I am different and actually wanted to help with my knowledge.
Taiwo Made Equivalent N39,420 in Dollars in her first week using her knowledge to make money online.

And so many more I can’t fit all of them in here…

If you are not convinced at this point…the truth is that I simply don’t know how else to convince you that I’m telling you the truth. I wish I can show you my heart so you will see how sincere it is that I just want to help (because that’s what I do, I help others by sharing information that is helping me and others make money with them) but, practically, I cannot open my heart for you to see.


So you will just have to take my word for it, get it and see for yourself how much results you can produce with it in just 90 days.


Here is another thing –


This EXACT Blueprint Is Not Even Sold Anywhere in Nigeria And here is why…..


It took me exactly 8 years of trial and error just for me to get it right. So it is not some random cheap stuff you can just browse Google and get from anyone, and the reason is because to create this kind of Blueprint you need to actually have used it and make money online—it’s NOT what anyone can do without actually experiencing it. The last time one of my friends released a training to teach similar method, he charged N150,000 per person!


You said wow… right? It’s even worth twice that.


But I’m Willing to Make You a Very Crazy Offer


The price I am going to be selling my Internet Wealth Formula is 34,000 naira and the Automation System Strategy is at exactly 17,000 naira. Which is about 51,000 naira for the “COOL CASH BLUEPRINT” which is the combination of both systems.


But for a LIMITED time, I will let you have the Blueprint + Everything in it for just N5,000.


Why Am I Doing This?

Why Am I Letting You Have This Blueprint + Implementation Tools For A Small Price Of N5,000?


1. The reason is because N5,000 compared to what you will spend on similar training, is far too rediculously small. So I am letting you have them both because it is my way of proofing to you that I simply want to help.


2. I am a Business man, (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money.

I run real businesses in the real world, so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my internet wealth formula and the automation system I use--my money making blueprint.

So, BASICALLY With these price, it's more like I am giving you this Blueprint for FREE.

Stetp by step Guide in Video and Readable Text.
Stetp by step Guide in Video and Readable Text.

But Still I’m Even Going To Go Further To Make This Absolutely Safe For You In Order To Prove To You That It is Not A Scam


Here is my personal phone number (08026500977), and my Telegram ID (@thinkclare) where we can dialog and chat any time.


Here Are What You Are Expected To Have If You Are To Use This BLUEPRINT


1. A Computer (Laptop or Desktop) This can be your own, that of others or commercial computer in a cyber cafe.

2. Internet Connection

3. A Facebook Account

4. A Bank Account with Active ATM Card


To Make This More Attractive And Comfortable For You I’m Also Willing To Sweeten Up The Deal By Giving YOU These Unique N114,500 Worth Done-For-Bonuses Bonuses For FREE!


Here's What I Mean


When you place your order today... I will also give you for FREE, a number of exciting bonuses that will leave you no reason whatsoever to struggle or fail in internet business again.

Here they are:

BONUS 1: How To Launch A Digital Product Business

Discover How To Start, Build and Launch Your Own Digital Product Business Without Breaking The Bank...

Value: 6,500

BONUS 2: Side Hustle Secrets

How you can finally start the perfect side hustle and be on your way to living the life you've always wanted!

Value: 6,500

Still, I’m Not Done Yet…

I will also give you...


BONUS 3: List Building Profit Kit

The Strategic Approach To Building An Insanely Responsive and Highly Profitable Email List

 Value = N6,500

BONUS 4: Modern Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, Even If You Are a Complete Beginner!

Value = N7,500

BONUS 5: Smarter Brain Better Life

Learn How To Train Your Brain and Increase Your IQ, Focus and Creativity!

Value = N3,500

BONUS 6: Free Traffic Superpack

How to effectively drive massive traffic (visitors) to your website and in crease your income drastically without spending a kobo on Advertisment.

Value = N4,500

But Wait! There’s More!

I’m also giving you….

BONUS 7: Drop Shipping 101

Build A Six Figure Online Business Without Spending a Dime On Inventory Or Ever Shipping Anything Yourself!

Value = N7,500

BONUS 8: Find Your Niche

Discover The Simple Steps That You Need to Take to Find Your Online Business Niche--discover the exact thing you should be doing online that can generate money for you consistently.

Value = N6,500

BONUS 9: Sales Funnel Authority

Discover The Secrets To Creating A Sales Funnel That Turns Leads Into High-Ticket Customers That Keeps Buying From You Over And Over Again.

Value = N7,500

BONUS 10: The Internet Marketers Toolkit 

This is will teach you exact step by step guide on How To Be a Highly Successful Internet Marketer!

Value = 10,000

Mobile Marketing Made Easy

Step by step guide on Mobile Marketing

But Are We Done? Not By A Long Shot!


Because in addition, the moment you order your copy of “COOL CASH Blueprint”, you’ll also gain access to 4 Unique Products you can package and sell as your own information products... you can change the Author's name to your own, the title, the cover etc.


These products are...


BONUS 11: Smarter Brain Better Life eBook + Video Bundle 


Includes Master Resell Rights to this package whiich allows you to resell it and keep ALL THE PROFITS!

What's Included: Sales Page, Squeeze Page, Download Page, Auto Reponder Letters and Graphics Banners, Feature Images.

Value = N12,000

BONUS 11: Side Hustle Secrets eBook + Video Bundle 


Includes Master Resell Rights to this package whiich allows you to resell it and keep ALL THE PROFITS!

What's Included: Sales Page, Squeeze Page, Download Page, Auto Reponder Letters and Graphics Banners, Feature Images.

Value = N12,000

BONUS 13: Drop Shipping 101 eBook + Video Bundle 


Includes Master Resell Rights to this package whiich allows you to resell it and keep ALL THE PROFITS!

What's Included: Sales Page, Squeeze Page, Download Page, Auto Reponder Letters and Graphics Banners, Feature Images.

Value = N12,000

BONUS 14: YouTube Authority Video Bundle 


Discover How to Build Your YouTube Authority with this Comprehensive Video Guide on Starting and Growing a Successful YouTube Channel.

Includes Master Resell Rights to this package whiich allows you to resell it and keep ALL THE PROFITS!

What's Included: Sales Page, Squeeze Page, Download Page, Auto Reponder Letters and Graphics Banners, Feature Images.

Value = N12,000

Total Value you are getting for FREE if you order today... =N=114,500!

I am essentially putting in your hands, a proven system to solve your money problem forever.

This is basically me handing you…

The Keys To Million Naira Money Vault

And what do I ask in return?

JUST a small price of =N=5,000.

Could anything be fairer?

Will you send in your payment today? –right now and gain instant access to COOL CASH Blueprint + The Tools and The Bonuses?


Here Is How to Order If You Must Beat the Rush and Get This BLUEPRINT AT The Giveaway Price Of N5,000 And Also Get The 14 Unique N114,500 Worth Bonuses With It…


NOTE: The original price for this training is N51,000 but for TODAY You get it for just N5,000.


This Offer Goes Down Anytime From Now...




Or  Follow the instruction below for Bank Deposit


Pay N5,000 Via Transfer or Cash Deposit

Account Number: 0100837594

 Account Name: Tech And Brain Systems

Bank Name: Choose; Access Bank (Diamond)

 "After payment send proof of payment to and you will immediately Get A Response From Me."




Answer: This is a Blueprint that shows you The Exact system I used to Make =N=1 Million with just 30k in 87 Days on Complete Autopilot Using a 'Secret' hardly talked about money Internet Wealth formula plus a distinct Automation System that made it possible for me to make this money while I sleep.

1. What will I get after payment?

What you will get after peyment is a detail video and readble book guide. The vide covers the practical while the text covers th theoretical part, both are important for your success and also, you will get all the 14 premium N114,500 Worth of Bonuses with it.

2. Will I pay any other money after paying 5,000 ?

The original price for this training is N51,000 but for TODAY You get it for just N5,000 and as such you are not paying any other money again.

3. What if I ordered and It's not what you say it is?

If you buy this, and implement it and you do not see any result in 90 days, just call me up or send an email and ask for your money back. You will get a refund, but to be sure you actually implemented it I will ask you to send me your work so I can preview. If I wasn’t sure it works and produces results I will not risk saying this.

 4. Can we meet in person before I buy this Blueprint?

To be frank with you, I am about teaching you how to make money online from anywhere without meeting your customers in person, so if you think you must meet me in person before you get this blueprint, to be frank, the training may not work for you after all. It's better I don't waste your time. Kindly ignore this product and look out for other opportunities. Thanks.

5. What if I didn't buy Today?

There is not problem. It simply means that you have to pay the original price starting tomorrow. And after a few days, you may probably miss out on this blueprint because after this, no more price increase, because I am already planning to shut it down. Which means, this offer will disappear anytime from now.

6. Will I have to pay for Facebook Ads?

There are two types of advert methods I have prepared for you in the Blueprint and they are Free advert method and paid.

If you are using the paid advert method, you will have to pay for Facebook ads. If you are not, you don't need to pay for facebook ads. Both methods works fine but the paid ads gets faster results.

In the event where you do not have money to run ads, just usethe free advert method and when you make some money you can then switch to paid ads so as to get faster results.

7. How much minimum can I pay for Facebook ads?

You can start a Facebook Ads with as low as 1,000 naira or 5 dollars. And then scale up to a higher budget as soon as your ad is approved and getting visitors.

8. Is it only Facebook ads that you teach?

NO! I teach Facebook ads in detail but I also teach other sources in case Facebook do not accept your product, then you just switch to any of the other sources. These other sources are mainly for any product you want to promote that Facebook ad policy do not permit but you can as well use them to promote any other product as well.

9. Will you offer support if I have difficaulties while implementing it?

I assure you, the product is self-explanatory that you may never have any problem or need my help... nevertheless, should you encounter any difficaulties during implementation, l will share my direct phone number with you and connect on Telegram or Whatsapp where I will be helping you with any problem you may encounter.


The major issue now is...



This is a truly Limited Offer... so claim your spot now before they're All gone.. 

Initially, after 30 days of making this product live, I intend to set the price right back to its original value, which is N51,000 only.


Which basically means that if you do not order it at N5,000 today, you will have to pay N51,000 for it thereafter. but the plan will soon chang...


No more increase because, the rush for this  Blueprint is overmelming... which means, anytime from now, I will just shut down the offer so I can FOCUS on helping those who already got the blueprint. 


Again, Here Is How to Order




Or  Follow the instruction below for Bank Deposit 


Pay N24,999 Via Transfer or Cash Deposit


Account Number: 0100837594

 Account Name: Tech And Brain Systems

Bank Name: Choose; Access Bank (Diamond)


 "After payment send proof of payment to and you will immediately Get A Response From Me."

Here Is My "Wow" Guarantee

I give 100% guarantee that this Blueprint "COOL CASH Blueprint" will deliver everything it promised, and that it will be of help to you, and altimately increase your money making knowledge. So get it, study it, follow my advise and take action.


If at any point, you think that even one thing I said inside is a lie, or that you simply do not like the product, just let me know and I'll return your =N=5,000 and let you keep the blueprint anyway.

And all the 14 bonuses are yours to keep too.


That's right.


Just email me and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.


Sound fair?

Abolarin Kehinde

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the Blueprint and the free bonuses!


Abolarin Kehinde.

PS: In case you decide to skip this to the end like I do mostly do too, here is what this is about…

This is a Blueprint that shows you The Exact system I used to Make =N=1 Million with just 30k in 87 Days on Complete Autopilot Using a 'Secret' hardly talked about money Internet Wealth formula plus a distinct Automation System that made it possible for me to make this money while I sleep.

This has nothing to do with Forex, network marketing, or any kind of bitcoin investment whatsoever.


Let me ask you...


Do you ever wished to be able to raise money anytime, whenever you needed it?


Like let's say you needed 100k by week end and you are able to raise this money...

…and do you wish to be able to do this without leaving your home?

Do you answer yes?


Then this COOL CASH Blueprint is for you!


PSS: If you get this, and implement it and you do not see any result in 90 days, just call me up on 08026500977 and ask for your money back. You will get a refund, but to be sure you actually implemented it I will ask you to send me your work so I can preview.

If I wasn’t sure it works and produces results I will not risk saying this.

PSSS: When you order today, you will also gain access to 14 Unique bonuses valued at N114,500 that will boost your result faster than imagine with 4 Products you can repackage and sell as your own and keep 100% profit. Sound Fair Enough? Click here to claim your copy now.



NOTE: The original price for this training isN51,000 but for TODAY You get it for just N5,000.

This Offer Goes Down Anytime From Now...

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