"Become an AI expert, Apply AI to Your Life And Business. Offer AI Services Using Our Unique AI Bundle"

See sample video training below.

01 - Introduction to Jasper

07 - AI Content Generator

16 - Create A Product Name With Jasper

Many are underestimating the power of AI knowledge while some are already benefiting from it.


I was browsing through Fiverr and saw this image below

It was a $185 book writing service by Amle Hood, and that's about 277,500 Naira for one book service.


And she already sold 228 of such service, 


You can do the math yourself.


Funnily enough, with the right AI Platform and the right prompts, anyone can sell this service,


Anyone whatsoever, irrespective of their location, race or gender...


...and deliver in less than 24hrs.


It all start with the right knowledge.


Like the One in This AI Bundle.


These are practical trainings with step-step-guide on how to move from zero knowledge to becoming a pro AI.

Let me shock you...

Pay attention to the image below..

All the services you see under writing...

Can now be offered using AI!

Many people still don't know that specific AI platform and tool exist and it can do all of these.

To really make money, none of the people who offers the service says they'd use AI to write it...

They'd present themselves as an expert writer,

Charge premium fees...

and use AI to deliver fantastic service,

and keep all the cash to themselves.

But to be that good...

and make that much...

You need to learn AI the right way.

You need to understand how to use the right AI platform and the prompts

And you can do all these with the right AI Platforms, knowledge and prompts, and charge premium fees for them...

Here's Is The Breakdown of Everything You Get When You Sign Up for Our AI Bundle Today

Video Courses:

Tutorial Class on ChatGPT

This course will teach you how to integrate ChatGPT into your marketing strategy and create effective campaigns. The hands-on, over-the-shoulder workshop will give you the confidence to use ChatGPT in real-life scenarios.

01 - Start an Account with ChatGPT
02 - What the Company OpenAI Say About Itself
03 - What OpenAI Say About The Limitations of the Chatbot
04 - Chatbot Prompt Examples Given By Open AI
05 - Will ChatGPT Be a Paid Application
06 - ChatGPT Idea Generation
07 - ChatGPT - Idea Qualification and Accuracy
08 - ChatGPT - Accuracy and Citations
09 - ChatGPT - Creating HTML Instances
10 - ChatGPT - How to Solve Specific Business Problems
11 - ChatGPT - Statistical Verification of Information
12 - ChatGPT - Rewrite Content for Different Contexts
13 - ChatGPT Content Checked With AI
14 - ChatGPT - Simplifying Information
15 - ChatGPT - How to Ask the Chatbot about Context
16 - ChatGPT - How to Cross Post Queries
17 - ChatGPT - How to Narrow Down the Context of Your Query
18 - ChatGPT - How to Solve a Business Process
19 - ChatGPT - Developing a Methodology From Experts
20 - The Future of ChatGPT

ChatGPT Masterclass

The goal of this course is to give you the skills and knowledge you need to really leverage and benefit from the incredible AI tools that are revolutionizing the way we approach work, tasks, and creativity. Create content, synthesize information, and learn faster than ever with effective prompt engineering.

1. Intro
2. Conversation
3. Google Talk to Books
4. Workaround for Up To Date Statistics
5. Sales Letter Framework
6. Ask For Image Prompts
7. Canva Text to Image
8. Write Headlines and Subheadlines
9. Thank You Page Script
10. AI and Email Marketing
11. AI and Affiliate Marketing
12. Script For Sales Video
13. AI and PowerPoint
14. AI and PowerPoint 2
15. Write a Welcome Email
16. Sales Page Anatomy
17. Sales Page Anatomy 2
18. Earnings Disclaimer
19. Optin Page Copy
20. Optin Email Copy

Mastering ChatGPT

Explore the full potential of ChatGPT with our 20-part video and audio course tailored for users with a paid account. Learn to navigate your account settings, manage plan upgrades, and utilize ChatGPT effectively in your business or organization. This course provides essential insights into optimizing collaboration and functionality in professional settings.

01 - ChatGPT Plus
02 - Custom Instructions
03 - Remembering Conversations
04 - Managing Shared Links
05 - Using GPTs
06 - Create Your Own GPT
07 - Using Dall-E to Create Images
08 - Open AI Watermarks
09 - ChatGPT Plugins
10 - ChatGPT Text to Audio
11 - Audio with 11 Labs
12 - Text to Video with Pictory
13 - Meta AI Image Policy
14 - YouTube Policy on AI
15 - AI Summary of Documents
16 - Google Position on AI in SEO
17 - YouTube Summaries
18 - Creating Content For Your Projects
19 - Creating Midjourney Prompts Using 3 ChatGPT Methods
20 - Conclusion - Exporing the Capality of GPTs

Using ChatGPT In An Online Business

To create and store custom GPTs, upgrade to a GPT Plus or Team account. A Plus account suits individual creators, while a Team account is ideal for collaboration, allowing you to share GPTs in a workspace.

01 - Using a Plus Account
02 - Explore GPTs
03 - Search the GPT Store
04 - Pre Creation Stage
05 - GPT Limits
06 - Start the GPT Builder Process
07 - Help From Open AI
08 - Roles and Goals
09 - The Clarification Questions
10 - GPT Playground
11 - GPT Builder Refinements
12 - The Configure Tab
13 - Uploading Documents and Instructions
14 - Changing the Name on Your Custom GPT
15 - Domain Name Verification
16 - Saving Your GPT To the Explore Area
17 - GPT Inventory Management
18 - Help From Actions GPT to Add an API To Your GPT
19 - Improving Your Model with the Builder Create Tab
20 - Optimization - Should You Focus Your GPT On It
21 - ChatGPT Lead magnet

Masterclass on AI: Webinar Recording

Masterclass on AI" is a concise 38-minute course designed to deepen your understanding of AI and ChatGPT, covering all essential aspects to help you master the technology. The course includes editable source files, allowing you to tailor the content to your needs and even market it as your own product.

YouTube AI Tools MasterClass: Webinar Recording

Discover how to effectively use YouTube AI tools in our exclusive masterclass. Learn to identify your most pressing marketing needs and strategically apply AI solutions using a classic marketing framework. This session is essential for anyone looking to enhance their YouTube strategy with advanced AI technology.

YouTube AI Tools Playbook

Explore our 20-part video and audio series to master YouTube and AI tools for your business. This series covers essential topics such as YouTube's AI policies, using AI for video script creation, keyword optimization, and enhancing thumbnails. Learn to leverage tools like VidIQ, MorningFame, and ChatGPT for effective content strategy and creation on YouTube.

01 - YouTube Policy on AI
02 - Extract Research From YouTube Using Bard
03 - Cloud Based AI Tool Sites
04 - Sign Up with VidIQ
05 - Using AI Coach
06 - Ideation and Theme Control
07 - AI Content Generator
08 - VidIQ Keyword Tool
09 - Using the AI in MorningFame
10 - Morningfame Prototype Tab
11 - Use the AI in ChatGPT to Create a Video Script Without Attribution
12 - Using ChatGPT Plus For Video Script Attribution But Without Success
13 - Using Claude For Video Script Attribution But Without Success
14 - Using Google Bard For Video Script Attribution But Without Success
15 - Using Bing for Video Script Attribution
16 - Using Microsoft Designer AI for Your Thumbnails
17 - Placing Your Script Into Eleven Labs
18 - Processing Your Voice In Eleven Labs
19 - Instant Voice Cloning in 11 Labs
20 - Process Audio In an AI Text to Video Creator

AI Marketing Playbook

Discover the power of AI tools and learn how to create engaging content for your online business with our step-by-step tutorial videos. With over 20 videos that guide you through the process, you'll be able to activate AI tools and start creating compelling content in no time.

01 - Introduction to Jasper
02 - Add the Chrome Browser Extension
03 - Settings and Team Members
04 - Templates
05 - Processing the Output
06 - Recipies in Boss Mode
07 - The AI Art Generator
08 - The Jasper Art Generator - Basic Side
09 - Jasper Art Parameters
10 - Using the Jasper Commands Template
11 - Organizing Your Output
12 - Content Editor in Boss Mode
13 - Improving and Rewriting Content
14 - Allow Jasper to Determine Your Writing Tone
15 - Summarize Your Content With Jasper
16 - Create A Product Name With Jasper
17 - Write an Answer to A Quora Question
18 - Allow Jasper to Write a Personal Bio
19 - Creating A Unique Value or Selling Proposition with Jasper
20 - Creating Video Content for YouTube Using Jasper


Using ChatGPT Templates

Enhance your use of ChatGPT with a set of templates designed to help you create content more efficiently. Discover how AI can assist in your writing process, along with understanding its advantages and disadvantages.
Download product

1. Writing ChatGPT Prompts
2. Ways to Implement ChatGPT
3. Tips for Using ChatGPT
4. Getting Started worksheet
5. Getting Started ChatGPT checklist

Using AI To Write Your Content Templates

Learn how AI can enhance your content creation with this guide. Discover efficient AI tools for producing quality content across multiple platforms, from websites to social media. Ideal for both experienced writers and newcomers, this resource simplifies the use of AI in content generation.

1. DOCX - Using AI To Write Your Content Templates
2. Content Planning Checklist
3. AI Writing Style Guide
4. Best Practices for Using AI to Write Your Content
5. Using AI to Write Content Worksheet


1. Google Bard AI Expertise

A Revolutionary ChatBot for Smart Content Creation. Experience the magic of Bard, a powerful AI tool transforming how we communicate digitally. From event planning and drafting invitations to tackling complex queries, Bard excels in diverse tasks. Learn how it expertly summarizes topics, crafts stories, and offers creative text solutions, including language translation and thoughtful request fulfillment.

2. AI YouTube Masterclass:

Unveils the power of AI to boost your YouTube channel's growth. Dive into AI strategies for content creation, video editing, and optimization. Learn how AI can streamline your workflow, enhance video quality, and uncover audience insights for better engagement and monetization. This course is your key to unlocking AI's potential in elevating your YouTube presence efficiently.

3. AI For Productivity:

Unlocks the potential of AI to revolutionize your workflow, enhancing efficiency and reducing workload. From mastering communication and content creation to organizing tasks and optimizing health routines, this course guides you through the best AI tools and strategies. Discover how to overcome productivity challenges, prioritize tasks, and even learn new skills with AI's help.

4. Google Ads with AI Expertise:

Explore how AI enhances Google Ads, transforming digital marketing by automating tasks, optimizing strategies, and deepening customer insights. This guide delves into the powerful synergy between AI and Google Ads, essential for gaining a competitive edge in online advertising.




Facebook Prompts

Enhance your Facebook advertising with our comprehensive package of prompts. Ideal for businesses looking to boost their online presence, this toolkit guides you through creating effective ads, from account setup to campaign optimization.

Google Bard AI Prompts

Access over 3000 high-quality "Google Bard AI Prompts" for various niches. These prompts, covering 10 niche topics and sub-niches, optimize Google Bard AI for content generation, coding, research, and marketing. Profit by selling your custom prompts and retain full ownership and earnings from your creations.
Download product

300+ Finance Prompts
200+ Heath and Fitness Prompts
300+ Human and Resource Prompts
400+ Leadership Prompts
400+ Personal Development Prompts
400+ Make Money Online Prompts
200+ Parenting and Babies Prompts
300+ Small Bussiness Prompts
300+ Productivity Prompts
150+ Programming Prompts

ChatGPT Prompts

Boost your engagement with our curated prompt bundle. Customize these prompts to enhance your business interactions cost-effectively. They help you shape personalized communication experiences that truly resonate.

400+ Business and Leadership Prompts
400+ Customer Relationships Prompts
400+ Human Resources Prompts
250+ Digital Marketing Prompts
400+ Focus and Productivity Prompts
400+ Sales Prompts
400+ Startup Prompts

Pinterest Prompts

This guide offers quick tips for crafting effective Pinterest ads, covering setup, campaign objectives, and ad formats. It includes strategies for using high-quality visuals, mobile optimization, and targeted audience engagement. Perfect for businesses aiming to enhance their Pinterest presence.

Twitter Prompts

Enhance your Twitter strategy with a variety of prompts designed for quick and effective engagement. Ideal for tweets, replies, and hashtags, these tools help increase your reach and interaction with followers.

Instagram Prompts

The Instagram Prompts package provides essential tools for boosting your Instagram presence. It includes creative prompts for posts, stories, and ads, designed to enhance engagement and increase followers.

Audio Courses:

You'll also get the audio version of the courses above so you can listen on the go.

  • AI Masterclass
  • YouTube AI Tools MasterClass
  • Tutorial Class on ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT Masterclass
  • Mastering ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT In An Online Business
  • Masterclass on AI
  • YouTube AI Tools Playbook
  • AI Marketing Playbook

Here are some of the things you'll be able to do after taking our AI courses...

1. Build a custom AI Platform: Start and perfect your custom GPT models to cater to diverse client needs.

2. AI-Powered Marketing: Use AI for email, affiliate, and digital marketing, boosting client outreach and sales.

3. YouTube Optimization: Master AI tools to enhance video content, improve SEO, and drive channel growth.

4. Content Creation: Generate high-quality, AI-driven content for websites, blogs, and social media.

5. AI Chatbots Development: Develop sophisticated chatbots to improve customer service and engagement.

6. Productivity Automation: Implement AI to automate business workflows, saving clients time and resources.

7. Custom GPT Applications: Configure and manage bespoke GPT applications tailored to specific business needs.

8. AI Image and Video Creation: Utilize AI to create compelling images and videos that attract and retain audiences.

9. SEO Enhancement: Leverage AI tools to optimize content for search engines, increasing visibility and traffic.

10. API Integration: Integrate AI solutions with existing business systems to enhance functionality.

11. Lead Generation: Use AI to create effective lead magnets, boosting client acquisition and retention.

12. Voice and Text Processing: Employ AI for voice cloning and text-to-video services, offering unique content solutions.

13. AI for Client Engagement: Develop strategies using AI to enhance client interaction and satisfaction.

14. Advanced AI Strategies: Learn to apply AI-driven insights for better decision-making and strategic planning.

15. Monetization Techniques: Discover how to monetize AI services, creating new revenue streams and business opportunities.

and many more.


The AI Bundle courses are designed to equip you with the skills to perform all these tasks above. 

You'll learn to build and refine GPT models, utilize AI in marketing, optimize YouTube content, create AI-driven content, develop chatbots, automate workflows, and much more.

This comprehensive training will position you as a top provider of AI services, helping businesses leverage technology for growth and success.

Summary of Everything You Get

  • 8 Courses with 122 Video
  • 9 courses with 135 Audio
  • 10 Unique Templates
  • 4 E-Books
  • 6 Special Prompt Documents with over 5,000 unique prompts for multiple niches and industries.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your career and improve your life.

Our AI Bundle is your ticket to financial freedom and a better future. Invest in yourself and start making money with AI today!

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9 courses with 135 Audio - 1,000 each x 9 = 9,000 (Also, some of them will sell for more but let's maintain one price for clarity)

10 Unique Templates - 1,500 x 8 = 12,000

4 E-Books - 2,000 x 4 = 8,000

6 Special Prompt Documents with over 5,000 unique prompts for multiple niches and industries. 2,500 x 6 = 15,000

TOTAL VALUE = N71,000 OR $59

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