What is Internet Anyway?

Few days ago I laid a foundation which I am going to be building upon today, so if you miss the post kindly click here to read it then come back to read this one.

Today, I will be talking about Internet generally, what it is, it use and usability.

Just like a network of oil business men where oil is what connects them, also, like a community; for example, facebook is a community that connects individual, groups and businesses, where anyone can access what he/she is permitted to access within the facebook platform.

Just like you have five computers in your home and you wish they are able to access each other and then you connect them using a ‘networking cable’ or Wi-Fi.

So also does Internet a connection (Like the cable used in connecting computers at home) that brings together ‘Global’ computers whereby someone can access whatever he/she is permitted to access from anywhere in the world.

Unlike local connection of two computers, to connect to any computer on the web you need access to the network which is Internet after which you need access to the computer you are to connect to and then you need access to the file or document you wish to use or see.

Every file, every page you visit on the internet network is saved in a certain computer around the world.

Accessing those web pages, files, and documents is the act of browsing the internet.

This means that if you want to share a standard file via the internet network, if you want to share an idea in form of content in web pages, you need to get a computer that could share files on the internet.

For a computer to be able to work with the technology behind the sharing of files on the internet there are certain criteria the computer must meet.

Most of these criteria are so much that its nearly impossible for an individual to get even a note pad to be view-able online.

That is why we have ‘web-content-hosting companies’; they sell to you a ‘cloud computer’ (computer already set up for file sharing on the internet network) with the required criteria so you could remotely share your web pages, files, documents and any other things you wish to share through the computer.

For example, Facebook is a page that enables people to share many things with their family and friends. But note this, Facebook is also hosted on a cloud computer and now share the web pages with you so you may share your content with others.

But, there is limit to what you could share on Facebook, there are dos and don’ts, if you break the rules Fabeook may have to block your ‘page’ or account because they (Facebook) are accountable for most of the things you share via the space they gave you on the cloud computer they own.

There are many other companies that offers even far better services that will enable you ‘share’ with others than facebook. I will talk on this extensively when we are dealing with Cloud Computing as a subject – I will say, Wait for it for it will pay off!

For you to have unrestricted ability to share anything online even securely with certain people, you need your own ‘cloud computer’ whereby you can then upload what you want to share remotely from your current computer to the cloud computer that has been set up for sharing files on the internet network.

How about accessing the files shared?

There are rules (Protocols) that govern accessing files on the internet network. That is why we have files on the internet that are not accessible by the general public except the authorized personnel who have access to them.

Tomorrow, I will be explaining more on internet protocols, terms in relation to how to access files on the “NETwork”; I will be talking about the meaning and uses of web terms and why some of them must and must not be used in certain conditions.

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Thanks for reading through.

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