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The ‘One Skill’ you need to have to be able to implement any ‘Internet Business’ Idea you’ve got to up to 50% Completion within a blink of an eye!

If you don’t have much money but have a unique internet business idea, you may need this advise anyway…

Straight to the point…
That one skill is ‘understanding of how ‘dynamic’ websites are crafted with and especially without coding’!.
Note: The goal of this write-up is to equip you with the knowledge that will get you started in internet usability world.
Believe me, if you want to succeed in doing anything online productively, you need to understand every ‘dam’ thing that surround website creation and projection.
You may not really need to master website design if your goal is not to be doing it for a living or if you have enough money to hire a designer or developer when needs be, but you will need this knowledge for proper orientation of ‘Cloud Computing’ as a whole.
The main knowledge embedded inside the ability to create professional online presence are:
– understanding what internet really is and how it works
– understanding web terms, their usefulness and differences such as http, https, SSL, TLS, domain, email, IP etc.
– how webpages are not magical but created
– knowledge of secure and unsecured layer formation and identification for safe online transaction.
– understand how dynamic web pages are created without coding.
– how web contents are saved on the web server and located
– Cloud Computing – what it is, benefits and how to adapt it to your daily living for a more reliable hope on saved contents and for productivity at work.
– Basic picture editing for web use
– search engine ‘know how’ and usability
– keywords identification and implementation
– Business side of internet; ways to monetize any business concept using web platforms
This is an all in one tutorial I will be dishing out for ‘FREE’ starting from tomorrow on my Facebook wall and my blog which I will give out the url tomorrow.
The truth is, If there is any website designer who does not understand even 1 out of the above listed, believe me, there will be limit to what the person will be able to do online, Absolutely!
I will expantiate on each of the above listed headlines and at the end of this expository the reader would have clearly understood:
1. Internet as a whole
2. website content creation and submission
3. how website are created and made seen online
4. how to use Search engine as a machine, that is; “How Google Is Not Human but a bot”- and dealing with it that way to get exact results.
5. Basic Internet Business concept that could benefit anyone if implemented properly.
6. Cloud computing and lifetime Benefits.
Stay tuned and watch out for my first post 9am (GTM) tomorrow.
If you are so eager to learn all of the above at once the good news is that I have addressed all in my website design course which you can get the downloadable video training from this link>>>http://goo.gl/x12RhN
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You may copy and paste everything above this line (without changing anything) on your wall if you feel like your audience needs this piece of knowledge.
Thanks for reading through, in the meantime, wait for my post tomorrow! Thanks.
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