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digital-marketingDigital Marketing is the use of digital sources based on electronic signal like Internet, digital display advertising and other digital Medias such as mobile phones in the promotion of brands and products to consumers.

Digital Marketing may cover the more traditional marketing areas such as Direct Marketing by providing the same method of communication.

In today’s digital era, business marketing and brand building are experiencing rapid development.

Being up-to-date with the latest trend is essential: complacency can be risky and detrimental to your brand. As you may know, News paper and Television Advertisement are also categorized as Digital

Advertising methods; but they are not as effective as the recently rated methods which are majorly on the internet environment.

You may have heard about digital marketing and its clear value for your brand. You may query how it differs from traditional marketing and if both can be integrated seamlessly to achieve success and continuous growth for your brand. Yes it is the best way for your brand to get the awareness, Sales, High Reputation, Visibility (Online & Offline) and Effective search diversions it deserves.

In view of the expected tasks, we have outlined here what our processes and purpose will be towards giving your Company/Organization a world class Digital Experience (Web Presence), that will attract attention of many within and beyond the targeted geographical location.:

Estimated Price For Our Online Advertisement

Traffic Generation

Monthly Website Real Human Visitors Targeted Countries Optin/Landing Page Price
1000 Any Country Yes N25,000 or $150 Order Now
3000 Any Country Yes N50,000 or $300 Order Now
6000 Any Country Yes N70,000 or $450 Order Now
10000 Any Country Yes N105,000 or $600 Order Now
20000 Any country Yes N150,000 or $950 Order Now
30000 Any Country Yes N200,000 or $1,200 Order Now


 Email Marketing Prices

Services Price Auto-responder/email server Email Geniuses and Uniqueness Weekly Emails
Email List Building N50,000 or $350 Per 1000 Email list Available 100% 3 Order Now
List Engagement & Promotion Management N10,000 or $60 Per Monthly Optional 100% 3 Order Now
List Screening N5,000 or $35one time screening No No No Order Now


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