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5 Things You Can Do To Your Mobile Device And PC That Will Reduce The Rate At Which Your Internet Data Runs Out By At Least 40%.

Note: My MS Word said this Article is 1513 words, not too much though but I believe it will do you a lot good if you manage to read through.

Over the time I have heard people rants on Internet service providers most especially about how Telecommunication Network Companies are cheating them by letting their data burn quicker than ever, some people even claimed the data never amount to the quantity they displayed.

Meanwhile, inside of me I am convinced that if you bought 1Gig data, no network company in Nigeria would allocate to you a lesser data bundle than you’ve payed for, in the real sense, the run out now depends on how the end user uses the data.

Today, I have compiled some facts based on my personal experience with data bundle and digital device and came up with an easy to implement rules that will help you Maximize Your Internet Data Bundle Both on Mobile Devices and PC by atleast 40%.

1. Be sure you have auto update disabled both your Operating System (OS) update and that of the installed Apps.

Believe me, Android device are the most used devices this days and I am sure my damaged Samsung Galaxy S4 updates at least once in a week with minimum data of 400mb and once in a while updates 1Gig+ if there is major update.

Now imagine you have the same mobile device and you have just 3gig of data from any company; let’s say they had major update the week you bought the data which immediately deduct 1Gig for auto OS update, how long do you think the remaining 2Gig would last having known that other apps will update, you will chat, watch videos and more?

it is advisable to just disable the auto OS update on your device both on your android device, windows and iOS or better still set it to ‘update only when connected to WiFi’.

To do that go to Settings>About> Auto update. Meanwhile, on other OS the instruction is embedded under settings as well, find your way there.

To disable auto update for installed APPs, go to Google Play store and navigate to settings, you will see the option to disallow apps from auto updating.

1b. Disable Auto update of OS on your PC. believe me, most Nigerians use windows PCs and windows releases updates at least once in a week. If the system is New, it will use at least 2.6Gig of data to update especially on Windows 8.1.

You can disable it from Settings>Control Panel>System and Security>Windows Update>change settings(on your left) and set to Never Check.

It is advisable to update your windows from a Broadband Network for quick and easy update; you can find that in a nearby Cyber Cafe or your work place as the case may be.

2. Uninstall all Unused APPS!

Sometimes ago I used to work as a System Engineer and many times I have had encounters with different people where they bought new computer and asked me to install all ‘Installables!’.

LOL; my questions as always been, what do you want on this system? What do you want to be using it for? once the answer is clear, I will then put what they will need on the computer.

Even at that some people would say ‘Its Not Full Enough’ comparing my own (A System Engineer) system to theirs;

you see, if you acquire a digital device without a clear purpose you will keep complaining and blaming different people for low performance.

As you blame your GSM network provider, so you will blame your Engr. and even your family and friends for experiencing hiccups after they use your device.

The truth is, scan through your device and identify APPs you are not using and not likely to use and remove all of them – I do this at least once in a month.

Doing that will not only help reduce the rate at which your data is burnt but also increase the performance of your device.

Don’t think twice, just remove them! trust me, if you have never used that APP, you won’t need it.

Now I will Say, ‘Uninstall all Uninstallables!’.

3. Disable Pop up on your browser:

If you are the type who goes to download sites to get software I will advice you to disable pop up on your browser or better still change your browser to UCWeb browser; the setting is easily accessible and auto blocks pop ups.

4. Encourage Self Discipline When using internet:

I have come to noticed that most people who complains about data bundle are women and if you ask me what most women really do online I would say;

– Chatting
– Sharing pictures &
– Watching Videos

Most of them can spend 3-hour straight online doing either of the above listed three things.

Believe me, videos consumes as much as the data it took to upload it.

If a video is 20minutes and it took 105mb to upload it, you wont spend less to watch the video online. Now image watching 20 videos of 3 minutes each that is 3 x 20 = 60minutes and if 60minutes of videos consumes 315mb, how long do you think your 3gig data will last if you do that at least once in a day? Less than 10days I think.

Choose the videos you watch carefully, if its not important, just ignore it.

5. Don’t Keep Social sites open;

Facebook is a site that auto-reloads itself every few seconds so if you are not actively using FB, just close the Tab or the browser as the case may be.

Instagram is worse!

Instagram will auto load all videos and pictures that comes your way while browsing and keep playing them even after you have scrolled away from the video.

If you are a die-hard Instagram user do the following to maximize your data bundle:

– Always take note of all videos you come across: this is important so that when you are done watching, just pause it and keep scrolling even if you do not want to watch, still take time to pause it.

– Click and Share only relevant posts.

– Always remember to completely close All Apps especially Instagram when you are done using them. Don’t worry about notification, you will see them all the next time you log on.

Final Note on Social Sites: don’t just go online to any social site without a clear goal of what you want to go and do, go with the aim of Oh, I have to check my message, Oh, let me send a message or be timely about it, decide to stay for just 30minutes or more to read Friends posts and be committed to the timing.

Temptations to avoid!

I have notice that when Network is FAST people tends to reload same page as many times as they could. I do that alot!

You need to stop doing that if you do that as well. Let me share a secret….

I am a Website Designer and I am convinced from personal experience that If the content on a page is equivalent to 400kb each time you load the page you will consume in equivalent of 400kb per reload either the network is fast or slow.

So when you are on a page, be sure you have done all that you want to do before you reload the page, this will save you a lot of data bundle.

5b. Turn off your data every night most especially when you are about sleeping, this will help you maximize your data as most of the auto updates takes place at night especially at around 11pm – 4.30am.

Bonus>> 6. I don’t really think most Nigerians knows that they pay tax on their data bundles… do you already know that?

well, If you don’t, now I am telling you; on each 100mb you bought you will pay equivalent of 15% as Tax depending on the network provider you are using so if you have 1Gig be sure that you may not be able to account for at least 150mb out of the 1025mb in 1Gig.

If that is why you think company like Airtel Whose Network is the Fastest in Nigeria as at the time of this write-up is cheating you – don’t dull yourself… lol;


Competition is large this days as all Network providers now have increased their down-time to ‘Unlimited’ so end users may browse at the speed of the up-time of the hosting server of the website they are visiting, So maximizing your data bundle is now in your care and not in the care of your Network providers – Start Maximizing and Experience Flexibility in Action!

Feel free to like, comment and share. All questions and contributions are welcome.

Copyright Kehinde Abolarin, Week 2, June, 2016.

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What is Internet Anyway?

Few days ago I laid a foundation which I am going to be building upon today, so if you miss the post kindly click here to read it then come back to read this one.

Today, I will be talking about Internet generally, what it is, it use and usability.

Just like a network of oil business men where oil is what connects them, also, like a community; for example, facebook is a community that connects individual, groups and businesses, where anyone can access what he/she is permitted to access within the facebook platform.

Just like you have five computers in your home and you wish they are able to access each other and then you connect them using a ‘networking cable’ or Wi-Fi.

So also does Internet a connection (Like the cable used in connecting computers at home) that brings together ‘Global’ computers whereby someone can access whatever he/she is permitted to access from anywhere in the world.

Unlike local connection of two computers, to connect to any computer on the web you need access to the network which is Internet after which you need access to the computer you are to connect to and then you need access to the file or document you wish to use or see.

Every file, every page you visit on the internet network is saved in a certain computer around the world.

Accessing those web pages, files, and documents is the act of browsing the internet.

This means that if you want to share a standard file via the internet network, if you want to share an idea in form of content in web pages, you need to get a computer that could share files on the internet.

For a computer to be able to work with the technology behind the sharing of files on the internet there are certain criteria the computer must meet.

Most of these criteria are so much that its nearly impossible for an individual to get even a note pad to be view-able online.

That is why we have ‘web-content-hosting companies’; they sell to you a ‘cloud computer’ (computer already set up for file sharing on the internet network) with the required criteria so you could remotely share your web pages, files, documents and any other things you wish to share through the computer.

For example, Facebook is a page that enables people to share many things with their family and friends. But note this, Facebook is also hosted on a cloud computer and now share the web pages with you so you may share your content with others.

But, there is limit to what you could share on Facebook, there are dos and don’ts, if you break the rules Fabeook may have to block your ‘page’ or account because they (Facebook) are accountable for most of the things you share via the space they gave you on the cloud computer they own.

There are many other companies that offers even far better services that will enable you ‘share’ with others than facebook. I will talk on this extensively when we are dealing with Cloud Computing as a subject – I will say, Wait for it for it will pay off!

For you to have unrestricted ability to share anything online even securely with certain people, you need your own ‘cloud computer’ whereby you can then upload what you want to share remotely from your current computer to the cloud computer that has been set up for sharing files on the internet network.

How about accessing the files shared?

There are rules (Protocols) that govern accessing files on the internet network. That is why we have files on the internet that are not accessible by the general public except the authorized personnel who have access to them.

Tomorrow, I will be explaining more on internet protocols, terms in relation to how to access files on the “NETwork”; I will be talking about the meaning and uses of web terms and why some of them must and must not be used in certain conditions.

In the meantime, feel free to, ‘Like’, ‘Share’ drop a ‘Comment’ below– questions and contributions would be generously attended to.

Thanks for reading through.

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The ‘One Skill’ you need to have to be able to implement any ‘Internet Business’ Idea you’ve got to up to 50% Completion within a blink of an eye!

If you don’t have much money but have a unique internet business idea, you may need this advise anyway…

Straight to the point…
That one skill is ‘understanding of how ‘dynamic’ websites are crafted with and especially without coding’!.
Note: The goal of this write-up is to equip you with the knowledge that will get you started in internet usability world.
Believe me, if you want to succeed in doing anything online productively, you need to understand every ‘dam’ thing that surround website creation and projection.
You may not really need to master website design if your goal is not to be doing it for a living or if you have enough money to hire a designer or developer when needs be, but you will need this knowledge for proper orientation of ‘Cloud Computing’ as a whole.
The main knowledge embedded inside the ability to create professional online presence are:
– understanding what internet really is and how it works
– understanding web terms, their usefulness and differences such as http, https, SSL, TLS, domain, email, IP etc.
– how webpages are not magical but created
– knowledge of secure and unsecured layer formation and identification for safe online transaction.
– understand how dynamic web pages are created without coding.
– how web contents are saved on the web server and located
– Cloud Computing – what it is, benefits and how to adapt it to your daily living for a more reliable hope on saved contents and for productivity at work.
– Basic picture editing for web use
– search engine ‘know how’ and usability
– keywords identification and implementation
– Business side of internet; ways to monetize any business concept using web platforms
This is an all in one tutorial I will be dishing out for ‘FREE’ starting from tomorrow on my Facebook wall and my blog which I will give out the url tomorrow.
The truth is, If there is any website designer who does not understand even 1 out of the above listed, believe me, there will be limit to what the person will be able to do online, Absolutely!
I will expantiate on each of the above listed headlines and at the end of this expository the reader would have clearly understood:
1. Internet as a whole
2. website content creation and submission
3. how website are created and made seen online
4. how to use Search engine as a machine, that is; “How Google Is Not Human but a bot”- and dealing with it that way to get exact results.
5. Basic Internet Business concept that could benefit anyone if implemented properly.
6. Cloud computing and lifetime Benefits.
Stay tuned and watch out for my first post 9am (GTM) tomorrow.
If you are so eager to learn all of the above at once the good news is that I have addressed all in my website design course which you can get the downloadable video training from this link>>>http://goo.gl/x12RhN
Feel free to, ‘Like’, ‘Share’ drop ‘Comment’ below; questions and contributions would be generously attended to.
You may copy and paste everything above this line (without changing anything) on your wall if you feel like your audience needs this piece of knowledge.
Thanks for reading through, in the meantime, wait for my post tomorrow! Thanks.

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